“You money suckers” – Vile Anti-Israel Mob Disrupts Holocaust Remembrance Discussion at Berkeley City Council Meeting

2024-03-29 08:00:01

Anti-Israel protesters disrupted a Berkeley City Council meeting this week during a discussion on Holocaust remembrance. They even interrupted a speaker who is a Holocaust survivor.

This was disgusting and over the top, even for Berkeley.

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Palestine demonstrators heckle Holocaust survivor at Berkeley City Council meeting

A Berkeley City Council meeting on Tuesday descended into chaos as a mob of pro-Palestine demonstrators harassed council members and Israel supporters, calling them “Zionist pigs”, “genocide enablers”, “murderers” and “money suckers”.

Jewish News of Northern California reported that a group of about 10 Israel supporters sat at the front of the room while roughly 30 demonstrators held signs with the faces of Gazans who have been killed and chanted between every speech “murdered by Israel”.

Susanne DeWitt, 89, chairman of the Israel Action Committee of the East Bay and a Holocaust survivor from Germany, was shouted down while speaking about the October 7 attacks and rising antisemitism in the US, with one protester shouting, “Lies!”

During the twice monthly meeting, the council met to discuss, among a number of other items, a declaration to honour Yom HaShoah, the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day which will fall on 5 May this year, and the allocation of funds for the city’s virtual event…

The incident became increasingly hostile as one protester threw the lectern microphone at the man who had set it up, and a staff member with the Jewish Community Relations Council Bay Area had his phone grabbed and thrown across the room when he tried to record the demonstrators.

Wengraf told Jewish News of Northern California: “There are many people who are intimidated and will not come to our meetings in person because they don’t feel safe.”

Watch below:

Joel Pollak of Breitbart News reports that the mayor has denounced the protesters:

Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin condemned the riot on Thursday: “I am outraged over the hateful and deeply antisemitic behavior we saw at Tuesday’s Council meeting. Heckling people including Holocaust survivors, then co-opting its message for an anti-Jewish agenda, threats and hate speech will not be tolerated. We will not be intimidated.”

The University of California Berkeley, which is located in the city, has been a hotbed of radical activism for decades — and has also been one of the most antisemitic campuses in the country since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

Jewish students report that they are barred by pro-Palestinian activists from entering the main gate of the campus at certain times of day, and that visibly Jewish students are subject to harassment and bullying.

These protesters have been weirdly focused on city council meetings for months. In January, a similar mob had to be removed from a city council meeting in Santa Cruz when they became violent.

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“You money suckers” – Vile Anti-Israel Mob Disrupts Holocaust Remembrance Discussion at Berkeley City Council Meeting


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