Illegal Immigrants Landing in San Diego’s Upscale La Jolla Area Makes Waves in Social Media

2024-01-29 06:00:18

There has been a great deal of social media coverage about Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s countering of Biden’s toxic immigration insanity.

And as the Lone Star State seals off its border, illegal immigrants are now breaking into this country through Arizona and California.

One group was bold enough to land in San Diego’s upscale neighborhood of La Jolla.

Their landing was captured on video.

More than 20 migrants were filmed storming the beach on Wednesday morning and disappearing into the southern California enclave, where homes go for a median price of $2.2million.

The exclusive footage was shot by NewsNation’s National Correspondent Jorge Ventura. It shows the migrants arriving on the shore on some sort of boat, before they take off running into the neighborhood in San Diego, the largest city on the Mexican border.

The area residents made a grab for the gas cans to avoid spillage. There are reports there were vans waiting for the immigrants, who dashed into the nearby neighborhood.

A police vehicle on the scene sounds its siren, prompting the immigrants to scatter towards nearby homes.

It remains unclear if the group has been apprehended.

The boat, reportedly laden with gas cans, collided with the rocks, spilling them into the ocean and on the beach, according to reports by Times of San Diego.

The impact prompted residents to brave the chilly surf, recovering the cans to prevent fuel leaks, the outlet reported.

TMZ produced a video summary of the event and obtained some witness reactions.

As you can see, several occupants from the boat come running up the beach onto the road above — with a bunch of bystanders watching them in plain view, mind you — and they start making their way into the nearby seaside neighborhood … there were even kids in the mix.

As onlookers took it all in with shock … it seems there were even some first responders who saw it happen too. You can hear sirens from some sort of vehicle, presumably a lifeguard.

As the cameraman notes … they don’t seem too eager to stop ’em, although it’s unclear if they did. It’s also unknown if these folks were eventually approached/apprehended. Of course, it’s worth pointing out that La Jolla is in San Diego County … a place of sanctuary here in the States, and where migrants can technically come and seek refuge/asylum.

The San Diego area has already taken in over 42,000 “asylum seekers” since last September.

From September through November, U.S. border authorities have dropped off more than 42,000 people on San Diego County streets with no direction or assistance, county officials said.

This is an unusual situation for a region like San Diego, where charities are used to hundreds, but not tens of thousands, of migrant arrivals. Often these asylum seekers are left at bus and trolley stops, instead of being transported to where they can get assistance.

The situation quickly overwhelmed Mills’ church and many other nonprofits, prompting the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in October to spend $3 million for migrant support services. The funds came from what’s left of the $650 million the federal government sent San Diego County for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The county awarded the entire $3 million to a South Bay nonprofit. Its officials said that money will run out by the end of December.

La Jolla is known to be a bastion of blue in the San Diego area. I hope they give their new neighbors the “Sanctuary State” welcome that their votes have paved the way to create. The new residents are really going to enjoy California’s enhanced Medicaid program as well.

At this rate, I will truly be a foreign correspondent for Legal Insurrection in no time!


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Illegal Immigrants Landing in San Diego’s Upscale La Jolla Area Makes Waves in Social Media


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