The Queering of the American Child, by Logan Lancing With James Lindsay

2024-03-20 14:00:56

If you’ve been following the secret social transitioning stories at Legal Insurrection, you can probably predict their plots before you even begin reading them. Their conflicts are all too familiar by now, and so are their themes of lies, deception, and moral confusion.

And you know their setting because it’s always the same—the school building.

They begin when a troubled teen (or pre-teen), comes to the attention of the school counselor. Egged on by social media and “supported” by an “inclusive” school environment, the student decides they’re unhappy because they were born in the wrong body.

So they “come out” to school staff just waiting to socially transition them to the opposite sex. Reaching for the school’s “gender support plan,” the school assigns the student a new name and pronouns, locker and restroom facilities—all on the student’s say-so. And all behind their parents’ backs.

It’s for their child’s “safety.” Because if parents were to find out, they might discourage their child’s delusion that they belong to the opposite sex, causing them to kill themselves.

Think about that, parents, the school says. Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living “son”? Listen to the experts who know better than you whether your child is a boy or a girl. And those experts just happen to always be the school.

Why do we keep hearing so many of these stories? And why are they all happening in school?

In their new and enlightening book, The Queering of the American Child, authors Logan Lancing and James Lindsay explain how yesterday’s subversive “Critical Theory” movements have turned today’s public schools into hotbeds of gender indoctrination.

First of all, no matter what the gaslighters say, the number of messed-up kids in our country really is exploding. Here, from the authors, are the statistics:

More than 300 thousand youth between the ages of 13–17 identify as transgender in the United States. In some areas nearly 1 in 10 students identify as “gender-diverse.” Fifteen years ago, it would have been difficult to explain what “gender identity” is, let alone find a “gender clinic” on a map. Today, there are “more than 60 comprehensive gender clinics in the United States, along with countless therapists and doctors in private practice,” according to the New York Times. Thousands of children are placed on “gender-affirming care” plans each year.

And it’s happening in school because American schoolchildren are the targets of “Queer Theory,” a new religious cult with Marxist underpinnings, the authors explain. This cult’s recruiting grounds are the country’s K-12 classrooms, filled with captive, vulnerable audiences, easily indoctrinated into its perverse religion of sex and “gender.” In school, children as young as five are bombarded from all sides with gender indoctrination—pride flags, preferred pronoun projects, drag performances, and pornographic books like Gender Queer fill their hallways, classrooms, and libraries.  No wonder so many of them are confused into adopting new “gender identities.”

The Queer Path to Power

The goal of this new Queer iteration of Marxism is the same as the original: Power. And it draws on powerful, elite resources to perpetuate that power, the authors explain:

The inner circle wields the cult’s tremendous monetary and cultural power to finance and influence cult activism and expansion. The inner circle is home to the leaders of global organizations, universities, industries, and governments.

That might sound like crazy conspiracy talk, but only if you haven’t been paying attention to who’s paying to indoctrinate the indocrinators.

To take a recent example, look at what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored at a conference for school counselors in Seattle:

It’s no accident these books were on display. School counselors are often the starting point in socially transitioning children. By secretly “affirming” the child’s stated desire to change their gender identity, they seize power the law has long recognized as belonging to the parents to direct their child’s upbringing.

But who’s to say who gets that power? According to Queer Theory, it’s not fair that the normal heterosexual people running society get to define what “normal” is, only to position themselves at the top of the heap. Their self-serving power hierarchy is “oppressive” to anyone outside of it.

So, to destroy it, the authors explain, Queer theorists tell us that sex, gender, and sexuality are all social constructs created by that power hierarchy. Ones the individual can’t figure out for himself.

Remember how even Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson couldn’t answer the question, “What is a woman?” during her Senate confirmation hearing, because, she said, she wasn’t a biologist.  You need an expert for that, not a lawyer. And anyone who says otherwise is part of the “cisheteronormative” oppressor class, clinging to the hierarchy of power they created for themselves by defining what is normal.

To break normal society, the authors say, Queer theorists know they must first break the normal child.

And that is why they are so obsessed with the schools, as Chairman Mao was during the Cultural Revolution. “They know that if they can control the schools, they can brainwash future generations to root out and eliminate all normalcy in society.”

Their first line of attack is therefore on parents. By raising normal, healthy children, parents perpetuate the “heteronormativity” the Queer activists are hell-bent on destroying.

So parents have to be gotten out of the way:

Queer Activists know that parents will end the madness the second they realize their children are in danger, which is why Queer Activists intentionally subvert parental authority and teach children to expect parental rejection of their new “queer” identities. The zealots parading through our schools are doing everything they can to destroy the relationship parents have with their children.

To make sure parents don’t interfere when their child requests a different gender, school policies require staff to deceive them by using one set of names and pronouns when speaking to the parents, and another set in school. If parents do somehow find out and object, schools say that just shows what transphobes they are. And it shows why these policies are necessary: to protect trans kids’ “rights” and to keep them safe from “harm”—in their own homes.

Secret social transitioning policies betray the true motive of Queer Theory, the authors say: “driving a wedge between parents and children in order to destroy families and strengthen ties to the queer cult being promoted at the school.”

Winning the Language War

To destroy normalcy, the Queer cultists must also control speech. So far, they’re winning the language war, the authors say, with schools nationwide requiring staff to make sure everyone feels “safe” and “included” by respecting their preferred name and pronouns, even when they don’t match the student’s biological sex.

That policy was enshrined by the U.S. Department of Education in its 2021 guidelines for “Supporting Transgender Youth In School”:

According to the authors, these “inclusive” pronoun policies to “protect all students” are actually weapons to purge and censor anyone who dares disagree with them.

That’s exactly what happened to Peter Vlaming, a popular high school teacher who was suspended for refusing to say his trans student’s preferred pronouns. He sued, and after years of litigation over whether he had a viable claim, the Virginia Supreme Court recently revived his case. Vlaming’s right to free speech, the court said, “includes both the right to speak freely and the right to refrain from speaking at all.”

If schoolchildren were merely encouraged to “socially” transition, that would be bad enough. But the goal of secret social transitioning is much more sinister: permanent medical transitioning, ending in sterilization. It’s the ultimate power grab.

And because Queer Activists practice to deceive with “welcoming and inclusive language” and policies requiring school staff to lie, parents don’t know what is happening in their children’s schools, the authors warn. They don’t realize that what starts out as respecting pronouns and “gender identities” can end in catastrophe.

Hopefully Queer Theory will go the way of all cults and self-implode, as the authors suggest. Meanwhile, we should take their advice: Expose it and sue it to death, before it becomes the new normal.


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The Queering of the American Child, by Logan Lancing With James Lindsay


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