King Seen in Public For First Time Since Cancer News as Harry Returns

2024-02-06 09:14:03

Prince Harry saw his father, King Charles III for the first time in 16 months today, it is claimed, landing back in Britain from California less than 24 hours after the news of the cancer diagnosis was made public.

King Charles III was seen smiling as he was driven through London today, having just met with his son Prince Harry, who stood back from Royal duties to pursue a new life in California in 2020. Buckingham Palace announced that medical checks performed on the King while in hospital last week for treatment for an enlarged prostate revealed he had cancer, and that his treatment had started, yesterday.

It was subsequently reported that the King had spoken with his son Prince Harry by telephone before the news was made public and that the Prince was to return to London quickly. He took an overnight flight, his departure from the United States apparently delayed by the weather, and arrived into Heathrow Airport on Tuesday. The Prince is understood to have come without his wife, Meghan Markle, or their children Archie or Lilibet.

The King and Prince Harry had a meeting at Clarence House — the Royal residence where King Charles has lived for decades — which British tabloid The Sun reports was their first in 16 months, and which lasted less than an hour. The King and Queen were seen smiling as they drove away to Buckingham Palace where they embarked a helicopter for their country residence in Norfolk.

Per The Telegraph, a “Royal source” told the paper the King is in “good form” but frustrated cancer has had an impact on his duties and the lives of others. The paper also notes exactly how long the King will suspend his public duties, and what he’ll be able to do, will depend on how well he responds to treatment. The Palace said in their official statement Monday that he would continue to undertake his crucial constitutional roles, including “state business and official paperwork”.

The Prime Minister said today the King’s cancer had been “caught early”.

As previously reported, the journey back to London for Prince Harry and his meeting with his father is extraordinary, given his trips to Britain in recent years have generally been in support of his court cases against a group of British newspapers. Prince Harry had a three-day visit to the UK for a court case in 2023, for instance, but was reported to have been unable to see either his father or brother in that time.

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King Seen in Public For First Time Since Cancer News as Harry Returns


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