Assistant Professor Removed by Police for Disrupting Ann Coulter Speech at Cornell

2024-04-18 08:00:58

Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter spoke at Cornell University this week and the event was disrupted by an assistant professor at the school. The last time Coulter spoke at Cornell, her alma mater, student protesters caused such a ruckus that the event was cut short.

The left simply cannot allow conservatives to speak on campus without interruption. They prove it on a regular basis.

The Cornell Daily Sun reports:

Ann Coulter ’84 Appearance Leads to Faculty Arrest

Ann Coulter ’84, a controversial conservative media personality, made her return to campus on Tuesday with a talk entitled “Immigration: The Conspiracy To End America.”

Audiences largely did not disrupt Coulter. However, Prof. Monica Cornejo was arrested during the question and answer section due to disorderly behavior.

At Coulter’s last speaking appearance at Cornell in November 2022, numerous attendees protested, resulting in the removal of eight audience members and an early end to the event.

In March, The Sun broke news of Coulter’s invitation to campus, which was spearheaded by Provost Michael Kotlikoff as an effort to allow diverse perspectives on campus during the current freedom of expression theme year. At the start of the event, Kotlikoff expressed it was important to allow Coulter to speak again — this time without interruption.

“We’re here really to correct something that happened a year and a half ago when [Coulter] who was invited by Cornell students was prevented from speaking at Cornell, something that I did not attend,” Kotlikoff said. “I wish to remind all participants that Cornell values free and open inquiry and expression and strives to create a community where diverse opinions can be expressed.”

Campus Reform describes Cornejo’s behavior:

“I’m an assistant professor of communication here, and one of those illegals that you mentioned,” Cornejo said during the Q&A portion of the event, as reported by The Cornell Daily Sun. I really appreciate you coming in and talking about these issues, that way I get to know how many racist people belong to this University.”

Coulter then interrupted Cornejo for not asking a real question, yet Cornejo kept on continually shouting, insulting Coulter, and causing a disturbance.

One of the attendees at the event, which was titled “Immigration: The Conspiracy To End America,” described the incident to The College Fix: “[Cornejo] was yelling counterpoints to Ann, and was the only disruption. She kept objecting quite loudly, gave Ann the finger repeatedly, and after about the sixth outburst the cops came and took her away. . . . She had accused everyone in the room of being a racist because we support Ann Coulter.”

Here’s the moment where Cornejo was removed:

Here’s another view:

Professor Jacobson had a front row seat for the incident. The look on his face says it all.

Featured image via Twitter video.


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Assistant Professor Removed by Police for Disrupting Ann Coulter Speech at Cornell


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