Kevin Bacon to Attend Prom at School Where Footloose Was Filmed

2024-03-23 08:51:32

Actor Kevin Bacon will make a massive group of teenagers happy by celebrating the 40th anniversary of the iconic Footloose movie at Payson High School in Utah.

The students at the school where the movie was filmed have been working hard to get Bacon to attend their prom this year. To make their wish come true, Bacon announced Friday that he will attend the event, USA Today reported.

Prom night will be bittersweet for the young people because the school is relocating to a different building.

When Bacon made the live announcement to the students who gathered to hear it, he said the movie and the school were a huge part of his life as a young actor.

“I’ve been amazed at the work that all of you have been putting into this with, you know, the musical and the flash mobs and the recreations. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me,” he added, before thanking them.

“I’m gonna come. I gotta come,” he said. When he confirmed he would accept their invitation, the teenagers erupted in cheers and applause.

“Thank you, guys. Let’s dance,” the actor commented.

Video footage shows just how hard the young people worked on their campaign to get Bacon to the prom this year, per KSL News:

“It’s always been like a really core part of Payson,” one student told the outlet. “I think Payson is the one place that you could ask like 100 people, and every single one of them’s watched Footloose,” he added.

Another student, identified as Kaleb Dymock, spoke about the effort the students put into the project.

“From the very first day, we said we were going to bring Kevin Bacon here, and it’s finally happening. So it’s really exciting,” he said:

The IMDb description of the 1984 film, which is rated PG and runs for 1 hour and 47 minutes, said the movie is about a teenager from the city who relocated to a small town where rock music and dancing are not allowed.

The site noted that “his rebellious spirit shakes up the populace.”

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Kevin Bacon to Attend Prom at School Where Footloose Was Filmed


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