‘Mealy-Mouthed’ Pence’s Trump Rebuke ‘Impotent’

2024-03-15 17:52:18

CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp said Friday on “The Situation Room” that former Vice President Mike Pence was “mealy-mouthed” when he declined to endorse former President Donald Trump.

On Fox News, Pence said, “I will not be endorsing Donald Trump.”

Cupp said, “This is a vice president saying he’s not going to endorse the guy he served for four years and certain very loyalty. That is remarkable. However, pinning the reason on policy disagreements feels a bit like a cop-out. To say he’s now at odds with the conservative agenda. Trump has always been at odds with the conservative agenda, whether that was the debt and the deficit, limited government, family values, protectionism. Mike Pence seemed to be fine with all of that.”

She continued, “It’s just crazy to me that Mike Pence can’t say, after all of this time now that he’s made it official he’s not endorsing him, that it’s because Donald Trump is dangerous. It’s because he led an insurrection. It’s because he’s corrupt. It’s because he’s facing criminal indictments. It’s because he’s anti-America and anti-democratic. He can’t say all the very obvious things. He has to say they now have policy disagreements.”

Cupp added, “It’s just so mealy-mouthed and a pretty, I think, impotent way to end what was once a pretty promising political career for Mike Pence.”

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‘Mealy-Mouthed’ Pence’s Trump Rebuke ‘Impotent’


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