St. Louis Neighbors Praise 14-Year-Old’s Barbecue Stand

2024-03-10 18:15:45

A 14-year-old high school freshman in St. Louis, Missouri, is showing others that dreams are within reach with hard work and determination.

Jemari Craigs loves to barbecue, therefore, he started his own business feeding neighbors on the streets in the northern part of town and the community loves it, Fox 2 Now reported Saturday.

Craigs’ mother and grandmother help him during working hours because the young man said he is trying to raise enough money to get a food truck which he hopes will later turn into the restaurant of his dreams.

He said, “Just watching my papa grill, we used to sell plates out here a lot. I had a family member that sold from food trucks. They barbecued. It’s something that I wanted to do.”

On what appears to be his Facebook page, Craigs has photos of himself working hard to feed the community. His setup features some folding tables, numerous chairs, a dry-erase board with the menu written on it, and of course, his barbecue.

Craigs loves what he does, but he also hopes others will see it and get a similar idea.

“Because people see me out here. They see I’m only 14. That could inspire someone else that’s probably 14 to get out and do something like this and maybe they could do good like me,” he commented.

Social media users were quick to praise the young man for his work ethic, one person writing, “Amazing story. I’m sure his grandad would be proud. I’m wishing him much success in his future endeavors. Go youngster! Go!”

“Food looks delicious. Im going to get me a plate,” another user commented, while someone else said, “Keep up the good work.”

Customers standing in line for a taste of Craigs’ fare were also super impressed by him.

One man told Fox 2, “This is amazing, coming from a 14-year-old kid. We hear a lot of negativity about the things that our young men and the youth are doing. This warms my heart today.”

Anyone hoping to get a plate of food can go to the location across from O’Fallon Park on West Florissant Avenue and Athlone Avenue where Craigs serves up meals starting at 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays and 1:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoons.

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St. Louis Neighbors Praise 14-Year-Old’s Barbecue Stand


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