Organization Files Second Free Speech Complaint Against UNC Students for Justice in Palestine

2024-02-27 16:00:56

According to The Washington Examiner, Speech First filed a free speech complaint against the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

This is the second complaint filed against SJP on January 22. Speech First filed the first complaint with Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Success and Administration Jonathan Sauls.

The group never received a response. Therefore, Speech First is trying again.

From The Washington Examiner:

The Speech First complaint, obtained by the Washington Examiner, was filed with the UNC Board of Trustees and comes after the group shouted down journalist Bari Weiss, who was invited to campus for the Abbey Speaker Series to talk about “objectivity in journalism.”

“If the Board of Trustees takes UNC’s free speech policies seriously they will urge the campus to enforce them. Up to this point, UNC has rewarded the SJP chapter by giving them exactly what they wanted — letting them carry out a heckler’s veto by shouting down a speaker, violating UNC policy and state law, and then walking out,” Cherise Trump, executive director at Speech First, told the Washington Examiner. “UNC is doing nothing to deter them from doing this again.”

“It’s pretty simple. The SJP chapter violated state and campus policies. Therefore, they should lose club status,” she added.

Campus security removed the obstructing anti-Israel dumbs, who disrupted Weiss because of her “attempt to conflate anti-Zionism and antisemitism.”

Speech First wants to know why UNC did not discipline the students despite breaking school policy.

“Policy 1300.8 states that ‘[a]ny University student, faculty member, or staff employee who is found to have … substantially interfered with the protected free expression rights of others shall be subject to a full range of disciplinary sanctions,’” the organization wrote in its complaint. “Ex. A at 4. Moreover, UNC’s 2023-2024 Registered StudentOrganizations Handbook states that a student organization’s ‘[r]egistration may be withdrawn or denied should it be determined that … the organization fails to comply with University policies’ or ‘if the organization fails to comply with applicable federal, state, or local laws.’”

Free Speech pointed out that the SJP students had already planned to leave the event and prevented others from joining by taking up seats.

The organization also stated that witnesses can vouch that “a shout-down entirely derails an event” by distracting others and changing “the dynamics.”

“Does UNC really wish to set the precedent that it is perfectly fine to shout and carry on for several minutes in the middle of a serious lecture or class meeting, so long as you leave after a few minutes?” asked Speech First. “What would the university do if, instead of shouting in unison, each student had shouted individually for three minutes in succession, and then left as each had said their peace? Have our standards sunk so low that this is what we consider reasonable conduct?”

Here is video of all the anti-Israel dumbs. They’re so brave and courageous. I mean 99% of them are wearing masks and acting like imbeciles. Yeah, you’re sooooo cool.


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Organization Files Second Free Speech Complaint Against UNC Students for Justice in Palestine


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