Vox Gets Roasted for Pushing Idea “Americans are Obsessed with Protein”

2024-02-10 11:00:12

As I make my list for the annual Super Bowl chili I prepare for our family party, it seems like a great idea to review the awful science behind our nation’s dietary guidelines.

As a reminder:  I have covered the continued revisions of ‘consensus’ in dietary science extensively for Legal Insurrection:

Time and time again, the “experts” have had to walk back theories built upon politicized science, government agendas, and regulatory intervention. Meanwhile, thousands of doctors have made good-faith recommendations that may have hurt the patients they were suppose to heal, and millions of Americans have made diet choices that may have actually done far more harm than good.

The reason I am reviewing this topic once again is that Vox has decided to push the eco-activist agenda entrenched in our government agencies by saying that Americans are “obsessed with protein.”

This idea is completely laughable, as evidenced by the magnificent ratio this X-inanity achieved.

Some individuals are offering their own guidelines, based on personal experience.

Is there any “government science” people trust at this point? The answer appears to be no.

Focusing in on what I will call “more factual and evidenced-based” science related to diet, new studies show that many food “science” narratives are wrong and possibly dangerous.

[A] paper published by the National Library of Medicine in April debunked the conventional narrative that red meat consumption is responsible for the proliferation of non-communicable diseases. Researchers assessed mean meat intake in different regions of the world and found that while some academics claim red meat is hazardous to human health, only slight increases in disease risk were reported in areas where meat consumption was well above the global average.

Even then, “there is little to no effect on absolute risk,” they wrote, “and the certainty of evidence remains low to very low based on the best available summary evidence.”

“Regrettably, the scientific discussion on the potential associations between meat and noncommunicable diseases is often no longer a transparent assessment of the evidence, but is affected by agendas, including vested interests and ideologies,” they concluded.

Insufficient protein has numerous adverse health consequences: Weakness, fatigue, mood swings, getting sick often, and many others. Fats are essential for the ability to allow your body to utilize fat-soluble vitamins, as well as provide an important source are energy. For humans, animal protein is better absorbed and utilized than plant protein. There is no rationale to support eliminating meat from human diets unless the agenda is not to support humanity.

The response to the post demonstrates why Elon Musk’s $44 billion to purchase the site formerly known as Twitter was a turning point for free speech and real information, especially when it is clear the eco-activists are intended to launch a “War on Meat.

Free speech, like good health based on great nutrition, is priceless.

By the way: I put two pounds of ground beef and pork in my chili. I may have to up it to 2.5 pounds, in “honor” of Vox.


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Vox Gets Roasted for Pushing Idea “Americans are Obsessed with Protein”


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