NY Times Shocks The World, Publishes Piece Critical Of “Transgender” Medical Mutilation Of Children

2024-02-03 16:30:28

I saw this story about the New York Times publishing a piece about de-transitioning and actually making a solid, thoughtful, logical argument against not lopping off little kids’ healthy body parts or chemically castrating/sterilizing teens in the name of “transgender medical care” and was flummoxed. What is this weird flex into actually reporting and opining on—against—the Democrats’ latest America- and soul-destroying “movement”?

So I waited, fully expecting a cabal of NY Times staffers to pitch a Tom Cotton-level fit, but it didn’t happen. Or at least it hasn’t happened as of this writing.

The NY Times piece entitled, “As Kids, They Thought They Were Trans. They No Longer Do,” makes some startling admissions. No, nothing we don’t already know, but it’s certainly information that their most loyal readers didn’t know because they have been well-drenched in Democrat lies about how important it is to lop off children’s and teens’ breast and penises in the name of “affirming” their “true gender identity.” Thus, the startling.

The NY Times opines (archive link):

Grace Powell was 12 or 13 when she discovered she could be a boy.

. . . . Reading about transgender people online, Powell believed that the reason she didn’t feel comfortable in her body was that she was in the wrong body. Transitioning seemed like the obvious solution. The narrative she had heard and absorbed was that if you don’t transition, you’ll kill yourself.

. . . . At no point during her medical or surgical transition, Powell says, did anyone ask her about the reasons behind her gender dysphoria or her depression. At no point was she asked about her sexual orientation. And at no point was she asked about any previous trauma, and so neither the therapists nor the doctors ever learned that she’d been sexually abused as a child.

“I wish there had been more open conversations,” Powell, now 23 and detransitioned, told me. “But I was told there is one cure and one thing to do if this is your problem, and this will help you.”

Progressives often portray the heated debate over childhood transgender care as a clash between those who are trying to help growing numbers of children express what they believe their genders to be and conservative politicians who won’t let kids be themselves.

But right-wing demagogues are not the only ones who have inflamed this debate. Transgender activists have pushed their own ideological extremism, especially by pressing for a treatment orthodoxy that has faced increased scrutiny in recent years. Under that model of care, clinicians are expected to affirm a young person’s assertion of gender identity and even provide medical treatment before, or even without, exploring other possible sources of distress.

It’s absolutely unconscionable what is being done to these children and teens, many of whom are most likely just going through the same puberty that bazillions of humans have gone through since forever. Puberty is not a disease, questioning who you are and feeling sad because you aren’t in the “in crowd” or didn’t get on the cheer-leading or football team (or whatever) are all perfectly normal stages of growing up.

But Democrats don’t want grown-ups (after all, as people age and have to deal with the realities of life as responsible adults, they tend to get more conservative and vote against Democrats); they want millions of stunted adolescents, broken people they purposefully maimed and broke, voting Democrat for decades to come.

But the mere publication of this piece in the NY Times suggests that particular child mutilation party is over.

The NY Times continues:

Yet those health care professionals and scientists who do not think clinicians should automatically agree to a young person’s self-diagnosis are often afraid to speak out. A report commissioned by the National Health Service about Britain’s Tavistock gender clinic, which, until it was ordered to be shut down, was the country’s only health center dedicated to gender identity, noted that “primary and secondary care staff have told us that they feel under pressure to adopt an unquestioning affirmative approach and that this is at odds with the standard process of clinical assessment and diagnosis that they have been trained to undertake in all other clinical encounters.”

Of the dozens of students she’s trained as psychologists, Edwards-Leeper said, few still seem to be providing gender-related care. While her students have left the field for various reasons, “some have told me that they didn’t feel they could continue because of the pushback, the accusations of being transphobic, from being pro-assessment and wanting a more thorough process,” she said.

They have good reasons to be wary. Stephanie Winn, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Oregon, was trained in gender-affirming care and treated multiple transgender patients. But in 2020, after coming across detransition videos online, she began to doubt the gender-affirming model. In 2021 she spoke out in favor of approaching gender dysphoria in a more considered way, urging others in the field to pay attention to detransitioners, people who no longer consider themselves transgender after undergoing medical or surgical interventions. She has since been attacked by transgender activists. Some threatened to send complaints to her licensing board saying that she was trying to make trans kids change their minds through conversion therapy.

. . . . Parents are routinely warned that to pursue any path outside of agreeing with a child’s self-declared gender identity is to put a gender dysphoric youth at risk for suicide, which feels to many people like emotional blackmail. Proponents of the gender-affirming model have cited studies showing an association between that standard of care and a lower risk of suicide. But those studies were found to have methodological flaws or have been deemed not entirely conclusive. A survey of studies on the psychological effects of cross-sex hormones, published three years ago in The Journal of the Endocrine Society, the professional organization for hormone specialists, found it “could not draw any conclusions about death by suicide.” In a letter to The Wall Street Journal last year, 21 experts from nine countries said that survey was one reason they believed there was “no reliable evidence to suggest that hormonal transition is an effective suicide prevention measure.”

Children cannot consent to the horrific things are that being done to them, the grotesque medical experimentation being conducted by sadistic ghouls with medical licenses and political agendas: breasts removed before they’ve even fully formed, hormones disrupted for life, an inability to ever have an orgasm or to father or carry children, fake penises created from their own forearm or thigh skin that are nothing more than flopping bits of skin and fat, fake vaginas that are pencil-thin, require daily “maintenance” and often lead to infection and even death. This is what is happening to these kids, many of whom aren’t even depressed or suffering anything more than typical, biological and psychological adolescence and puberty.

We can only hope that this NY Times article is the impetus to stop this evil. If the drive behind this article’s detonating a nuke on “transgender care” is motivated by money (or politics), who cares? It has to be stopped because it is destroying lives and families.

Fox News has more:

“Powell’s story shows how easy it is for young people to get caught up by the pull of ideology in this atmosphere,” Paul said.

Another detransitioner, Kasey Emerick, age 23, who had a double mastectomy at 17, said, “I transitioned because I didn’t want to be gay…Transition felt like a way to control something when I couldn’t control anything in my life.”

As Paul explained, “But after living as a trans man for five years, Emerick realized her mental health symptoms were only getting worse. In the fall of 2022, she came out as a detransitioner on Twitter and was immediately attacked. Transgender influencers told her she was bald and ugly. She received multiple threats.”

Emerick said, “I realized that I had lived a lie for over five years.” Despite going off testosterone, her voice has been permanently changed to the deeper voice of a man.

Paul Garcia-Ryan, now 32, detransitioned after being a trans female for 15 years from the age of 15.

According to Paul, “Once in college, he began medically transitioning and eventually had surgery on his genitals. Severe medical complications from both the surgery and hormone medication led him to reconsider what he had done, and to detransition. He also reconsidered the basis of gender affirmation, which, as a licensed clinical social worker at a gender clinic, he had been trained in and provided to clients.”

“You’re made to believe these slogans,” he said. “Evidence-based, lifesaving care, safe and effective, medically necessary, the science is settled — and none of that is evidence based.”

He now supports moving away from affirmation and doesn’t believe anyone under the age of 25 should transition without engaging in psychotherapy.

Needless to say, people have thoughts (via Twitchy).


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NY Times Shocks The World, Publishes Piece Critical Of “Transgender” Medical Mutilation Of Children


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