Newsom Supporters’ Ad Claims TN Wants to Hold Women Seeking Out of State Abortions ‘Hostage’

2024-02-26 08:00:08

Doesn’t California Gov. Gavin Newsom have better things to do than target other states on anything? You know, like all the crime plaguing the major cities and San Diego becoming the epicenter of the border crisis?

Nope. Newsom, like every other Democrat, has to show off his love for abortion!

Newsom’s super PAC released an ad against a Tennessee bill depicting the state holding women hostage so they cannot travel to get an abortion.

The ad, titled ‘Hostage,’ is appalling and full of lies. Apparently, Tennessee wants to charge young women who leave the state and get an abortion.

The truth, which is something pro-abortion people hate, is far from what is shown in the ad.

The bill protects women. It literally protects women and does NOT target the biological mother at all.

Read this carefully because Newsom and his cronies don’t want you to know that the bill protects women and parental rights:

(a) An adult commits the offense of abortion trafficking of a minor if the adult recruits, harbors, or transports a pregnant unemancipated minor within this state for the purpose of:

(1) Concealing an act that would constitute a criminal abortion under § 39-15-213 from the parents or guardian of the pregnant unemancipated minor;
(2) Procuring an act that would constitute a criminal abortion under § 39- 15-213 for the pregnant unemancipated minor, regardless of where the abortion is to be procured; or
(3) Obtaining an abortion-inducing drug for the pregnant unemancipated minor for the purpose of an act that would constitute a criminal abortion under § 39-15-213, regardless of where the abortion-inducing drug is obtained.

My mother and father would have smacked you if you gave me any medicine without her permission, let alone an abortion.

The section does not apply to the parents or legal guardians.

The offender would face a Class C felony.

ALSO. Only the offender, not the pregnant minor, would “be held liable in a civil action for the wrongful death of an unborn child that was aborted.”

The biological mother may sue on behalf of the unborn baby. The biological father can also sue unless rape or incest caused the pregnancy.

Newsom has a great ability to become even more of a slimeball every passing day. At least, that’s one thing he achieves. Such a gross man.

Newsom debuted the ad on Meet the Press on Sunday:

Newsom said, “They are not only restricting the rights of self-determination to bear a child for a young woman, and they’re determining their fate as it relates their future in life by saying they can’t even travel and they are modeled after a version that passed in Idaho is now being proposed in Tennessee and Oklahoma and Mississippi. The AG himself of Alabama wants to criminalize travel not just for children but for adults seeking reproductive care. That’s how serious this moment is, and we need to be more aggressive.”

He added, “I worry about the United States Supreme Court that, again, set the tone and tenor for the debate we’re having today. It’s not just a war on travel. It’s not just a war on reproductive health care. It’s also war on women who were broadly defined including, as we know, contraceptives.”

This former pro-abortion hates it when people claim that pro-life people are waging a war on women with their fight against abortion.

It’s precious because females are murdered in the womb way more than males. Weird how they don’t care about those females. But those females don’t pay taxes yet, so they don’t matter.


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Newsom Supporters’ Ad Claims TN Wants to Hold Women Seeking Out of State Abortions ‘Hostage’


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