Climate Change Activist Thrown to the Ground After Confronting Senator Joe Manchin at Harvard

2024-03-02 15:00:43

A member of the activist group ‘Climate Defiance’ tried to confront Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) at the Harvard Kennedy School this week. Manchin was there to give a guest lecture.

As the protester began to speak, Manchin rose from his seat when a member of his staff got between them and then grabbed the young man by his jacket and tossed him out the door.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Joe Manchin confronted by climate protester at Harvard: ‘You sick f***’

Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) aide threw a climate protester to the ground after a tense interaction.

In an interaction filmed and released by the environmentalist group Climate Defiance, a protester surprised and vigorously denounced Manchin at a Harvard event, prompting the West Virginia Democrat to get to his feet to confront his antagonist. After holding Manchin back, communications director Jonathan Kott grabbed and threw the protester out the door, sending him tumbling to the ground.

“You sold our futures and you got rich doing it. You sick f***!” the protester said, prompting Manchin to rise from his seat and attempt to get into the protester’s face. “How dare you? You have sold our—”

The protester’s last line was cut off after he was tossed out of the room.

The group touted the exchange as favoring them, releasing an edited video showing the interaction.

Climate Defiance thought this was a win?

Here are a few reactions:

Bonchie of RedState comments:

Perhaps one day these climate activists will learn that they don’t have a right to harass and inconvenience others just because they suffer from mental delusions. Today was not that day, though, and the bill came due. Honestly, it’s a testament to the self-control of the average person that these people don’t end up punched in the face more often. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do. I’m just saying I understand that people have boundaries.

This isn’t complicated. Do not accost people in public. Do not block roads. Do not throw soup on valuable paintings. If climate activists would do something besides act like lunatics, they might draw more support. Instead, they are actually hurting their cause, and that’s just fine with me.

Featured image via Twitter video.


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Climate Change Activist Thrown to the Ground After Confronting Senator Joe Manchin at Harvard


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