Pro-Hamas Rally Features Shouts Of “Death To America”

2024-04-07 16:37:32

Dearborn, Michigan doesn’t even seem like the United States these days. Rather than being shocked and horrified by the Hamas invasion of Israel that included savage butchery, rapes, torture, baby-beheading, and the kidnapping of innocent Israelis, including little children and the elderly, Dearborn dwellers celebrated.

During some kind of pro-Hamas protest thing during which one of the speakers explained that America is evil, shouts of “al-mawt li Amrika” could be heard. This translates to “Death to America.” And, of course, is followed by shouts of “Death to Israel.”

PJ Media reports:

“We’ve been asked in the past,” [Tarek] Bazzi said, “why are our protests on the International Day of Quds, why are they so anti-America? Why don’t we just focus more on Israel and not talk so much on America? Gaza has shown the entire world why these protests are so anti-America.” Bazzi went on to claim that the U.S. was bankrolling Israel’s war effort and running interference for Israel at the UN; he also referred to Hamas propaganda regarding alleged Israeli atrocities.

. . . . He invoked the Ayatollah Khomeini and charged that the U.S. was “the backbone of all oppression in the world,” to which the crowd responded with screams of “Death to America” (al-mawt li Amrika). Bazzi showed no reaction, but paused until the screams died down. Then Bazzi brought up Malcolm X, quoting him as saying: “We live in one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this earth.”

Bazzi decried the American system, which he characterized as one of exploitation, humiliation, degradation and discrimination disguised as a democracy, and added: “So when they say, ‘Genocide Joe has got to go,’ yes, he’s got to go, he’s gonna go from the White House, pretty soon he’ll go from this world as well, but then who comes next? This is what Malcolm X was talking about when he spoke of the Republican wolf and the Democrat fox. They’re both out to get you. They’re both against you. So they have the system fixed. So that either way you turn, you’re trapped. You’re caught. Until you can wake up and realize that it’s not Genocide Joe that has to go, it’s the entire system that has to go.”

These are the same sentiments, even the same words, that Democrats (whom I used to refer to as “radicals” and then as “leftists,” but let’s face it, this anti-American sentiment has taken root in the entire party now) use on a regular basis.

Professor Jacobson made the point that what we are seeing on campuses with regard to their misguided and historically inaccurate attacks on Israel are “the anti-Israel students are also the anti-American students. They are one and the same.” He’s exactly right. This is as much about tearing down America as it about destroying Israel.


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Pro-Hamas Rally Features Shouts Of “Death To America”


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