DA Fani Willis Confirms Relationship With Special Prosecutor

2024-02-02 12:00:50

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis admitted she had a relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, one of the prosecutors she appointed to former President Donald Trump’s case.

But Willis claimed she should not be removed from Trump’s case (emphasis mine):

Willis’ motion says the evidence and facts “unequivocally” demonstrate that: the DA has no financial conflict of interest that constitutes a basis for disqualification of herself or her office; the attacks on Willis are “factually inaccurate, unsupported and malicious; and that Willis has made no public statements that warrant disqualification or judicial inquiry.”

“(T)he motions attempt to cobble together entirely unremarkable circumstances of Special Prosecutor Wade’s appointment with completely irrelevant allegations about his personal family life into a manufactured conflict of interest on the part of the District Attorney,” the filing said. “The effort must fail.”

The document also states that Willis and Wade had been friends since 2019 but were not in a romantic relationship before or when he was hired to lead the Trump case in November 2021.

In 2022, District Attorney Willis and I developed a personal relationship in addition to our professional association and friendship,” Wade said in his affidavit.

Willis said she would not recuse herself from the case.

Lady. You have a relationship with the special prosecutor of your biggest case. Recuse yourself. Wade should recuse himself, too.

The relationship started while Wade was still married. He’s still technically married, but going through a divorce with his wife of 26 years.

After reading through the motion, it appears the relationship is insufficient for the state to remove either one or delay anything.

However! It still stinks. Wade is paid more than the other special prosecutors. Wade and Willis have spent a lot of money on trips. Therefore, Willis does benefit from the money Wade receives for his services.

Wade has no experience conducting a federal trial. He practiced family law:

He is a diligent and relentless advocate known for his candor with the Court, and a leader more than capable of managing the complexity of this case. In addition to having been appointed a municipal court judge in three jurisdictions and having been asked to present on topics relevant to the training of new judges within the Counsel of Municipal Court Judges, id., Special Prosecutor Wade has received accolades and recognition for his litigation skill, contribution to his community, and the legal profession generally, and no serious person could contest his legal qualifications.


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DA Fani Willis Confirms Relationship With Special Prosecutor


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