Ex-MLB Star Steve Garvey Reminds Adam Schiff the House Censored Him for Lying About Trump

2024-01-25 04:00:02

In all the presidential hoopla we have been following at Legal Insurrection these past few weeks, it is easy to forget there are 33 races for seats in the US Senate this November: 10 seats held by Republicans, 20 held by Democrats, and three held by independents who caucus with Democrats.

One of those races is for the seat once occupied by the late Senator Dianne Feinstein. Unfortunately, one of those candidates is the censured congressman, Adam Schiff.

I am happy to report that Schiff was called out on his “Russia collusion” lies by fellow candidate and former baseball star Steve Garvey during a debate among all the candidates that was recently held.

California Republican Senate candidate and former MLB first baseman Steve Garvey zinged Rep. Adam Schiff during a primary debate Monday night, pointing out the House had censured the Democrat “for lying” about allegations the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to rig the 2016 presidential election.

“I think you’ve been censured for lying,” Garvey, who played 19 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, told Schiff during the LA debate.

“And this is exactly what I’m talking about: career politicians who are trying to determine who we are by race or by color or by gender,” Garvey went on. “They never listen. They have pre-arranged words to say.”

McCarthy and House Republicans voted along partisan lines to censure Schiff in June 2023 for having “abused” the public’s trust “by alleging he had evidence of collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

It was an exquisite moment of schadenfreude:

The other candidates in the debate were congresswomen Katie Porter and Barbara Lee.

To be fair to Schiff, among the progressive candidates on stage, he has the most sensible take on Israel’s response to the Hamas attack.

The Israel-Hamas war brought the most disagreement between the candidates.

Lee urged for a permanent cease-fire in the conflict.

“The only way Israel is going to be secure is through a permanent cease-fire,” Lee said. “The only way that is going to happen is with a political and diplomatic solution.”

Porter said cease-fire is not a “magic word – you can’t say it and make it so.”

“But we have to push, as the United States, as a world leader for us to get to a cease-fire and to avoid another forever war,” Porter said.

Schiff defended his position of not calling for a cease-fire. He said Israel has a right to defend itself and that Hamas can’t be left to govern Gaza.

As a reminder, California has a jungle primary system…so the top two candidates will head to the November 5th election (regardless of party affiliation). So far, it looks like Garvey is managing to hold on to the second spot.

Twenty-five percent of respondents said they would vote for Adam Schiff, putting him in the lead.

In second place is Garvey with 18%.

Democratic candidates Katie Porter and Barbara Lee came in 3rd and 4th place with 13 and 8%, respectively.


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Ex-MLB Star Steve Garvey Reminds Adam Schiff the House Censored Him for Lying About Trump


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