Rich and Privileged White Family From Massachusetts Endorses Biden for 2024

2024-04-20 07:00:01

Members of the Kennedy family have endorsed Joe Biden for president in 2024, knocking their own family member Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the process.

The liberal media thinks this is a big deal, but all it really does is betray how absolutely terrified Democrats are that RFK, Jr. is going to take votes away from Biden.

FOX News reports:

Kennedy family chooses politics over family with endorsement in 2024 presidential race

Members of the iconic Kennedy family, a longtime staple in American politics, announced a major endorsement in the 2024 presidential race on Thursday — a move that came as a snub to one of their own seeking the White House.

Half a dozen Kennedy family members appeared alongside President Biden at an event in Philadelphia to publicly back him over Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is driving Democrats to panic that his independent White House bid could lead to a victory for former President Donald Trump.

“President Biden has been a champion for all the rights and freedoms that my father and uncles stood for,” RFK Jr’s sister, Kerry Kennedy, said during the event, referencing the late former President John F. Kennedy, the late former U.S. Attorney General and New York Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, and the late former Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Kerry Kennedy went on to praise what she described as Biden’s accomplishments during his first term, and claimed that Americans’ quality of life had improved under his presidency. She then blasted Trump, claiming he would be a “dictator” if elected.

I don’t know who at the Biden campaign thought this video was a good idea. The cringe factor is off the charts.

This endorsement really shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Kennedys are soldiers for the Democrat party. What is surprising is that the Biden campaign would place so much importance on it. The Kennedys are a poster family for white privilege and unearned power and wealth, things the left supposedly despises. Joe Biden even tweeted it out himself.

Do they really think this is going to change anyone’s mind if they’re already planning to vote for RFK Jr.?

MSNBC apparently does:

RFK Jr. is dealt an embarrassing blow with 15 members of the Kennedy family endorsing Biden

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential ambition may have gained him national attention — especially given the threat that some Democrats believe he poses to President Joe Biden’s re-election — but it certainly has not endeared him to all of his family.

On Thursday, 15 Kennedy family members — including six of RFK Jr.’s 10 siblings — publicly endorsed Biden during a campaign event with the president in Philadelphia.

This is not the win that the Biden campaign thinks it is.

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Rich and Privileged White Family From Massachusetts Endorses Biden for 2024


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