Angry Student Mob Chases Attendees of Kyle Rittenhouse Event Off Campus at U. Memphis

2024-03-21 12:00:06

Kyle Rittenhouse was invited to speak at the University of Memphis this week by Turning Point USA and the event was marred by unhinged student protesters. People protested inside the event, outside the event, and ultimately chased attendees off campus who clearly feared violence.

This has become the new norm on American college campuses. Anyone to the right of the progressive mob is shouted down or forced to leave through intimidation. Safe spaces for them. Angry mobs for you.

FOX 13 in Memphis reports:

Kyle Rittenhouse faced a mass of protestors at recent UofM event

A controversy on campus weeks in the works is now over.

Kyle Rittenhouse made his appearance at the University of Memphis tonight, and the event was derailed by outraged students.

Rittenhouse shot three people and killed two of them during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020.

He was acquitted on the ground of self defense.

The UofM said Rittenhouse had the room booked from 7 until 9 p.m., but attendees there said that just before 8:00 p.m., his security team escorted him off the stage.

That is when a student protest took a turn.

Swarms of students were shouting at cars while they were leaving the parking garage while campus police and State Troopers tried to control the crowd.

Here’s a clip of the mob chasing after attendees:

The school is partly to blame for the actions of this mob.

I say that based on this report from TPUSA (emphasis is theirs):

University of Memphis Undermines TPUSA Chapter Event with Kyle Rittenhouse

The TPUSA chapter president, who asked to remain anonymous due to recent events, was doxxed by fellow students at the University of Memphis. His full name, phone number, and even his exact address were posted online with the comment, “Let him know how you feel about this decision to provoke black students by inviting a racist murderer on campus.”

When this was brought to the university’s attention, faculty allegedly responded, “It happens” while speaking to the TPUSA chapter president and TPUSA staff. In a recording obtained by TPUSA, the chapter leader can be heard telling faculty, “That’s my address.”

“That’s public information,” one of the members of the university police responded. “They can easily get that.”

Lauren Shelley, the Director of Conferences and Event Services at the university, chimed in and laughed after suggesting that the student “probably shouldn’t stay there tonight.”

“Is this as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be? Is this not as big a deal as I think it is?” the student asked, to which faculty responded, “It’s scary.”

Watch this report from ABC 24 in Memphis:

Every time a student mob does this, the idea of ‘free’ college slips further and further away. Taxpayers are not going to pay the bill when half of the country is not even allowed on campus. Nor should they.

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Angry Student Mob Chases Attendees of Kyle Rittenhouse Event Off Campus at U. Memphis


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