Paul Pelosi Makes Millions in Another Bet on Nvidia Stock

2024-02-24 11:00:16

The Pelosis have raked in millions through stocks since Nancy became a member of Congress.

We all know. They haven’t stopped.

They have no shame, and it disgusts me, especially when they use the same company multiple times.

Paul Pelosi loves Nvidia:

The California Democrat’s husband, Paul, who owns a San Francisco investment and consulting firm, scooped up between $1 million and $5 million worth of call options in computer chip company Nvidia on Nov. 22. Pelosi, however, held off on reporting the transaction until right before Christmas.

One of the first connections to Nvidia surfaced in 2022 when Paul snatched up a few dollars at a convenient time:

Nvidia is not new to the Pelosis. In 2022, Paul grabbed more than $1 million in Nvidia call options — which give investors the right to buy shares of a company at a specific price — just weeks before a congressional vote on providing massive subsidies to the chip manufacturing industry. He sold them after she received criticism over their timing.

At the time, Pelosi said that her husband had never made stock purchases based on information she had given him when pressed by Fox News Digital. Her office also distanced her from Paul’s financial decisions.

It is also not a shock that legislation introduced in either chamber to prevent insider trading gets absolutely nowhere.

Georgia Democrat Sen. Jon Osoff had a bill banning Congress members and their families from trading individual stocks. It would stick while the person is in office.

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley’s PELOSI Act would have done the same thing.

Members of both parties are guilty of making these “unusually timed trades” that would land us ordinary people in jail for a long time.


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Paul Pelosi Makes Millions in Another Bet on Nvidia Stock


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