Nathan Wade’s Divorce Attorney Contradicts Himself Regarding Start of Wade-Willis Relationship

2024-02-28 04:00:10

Terrance Bradley, the former law partner and divorce attorney for Nathan Wade, contradicted himself on the stand on Tuesday regarding the start of the relationship between the special prosecutor and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The details are important because if Wade and Willis started their relationship before Willis indicted former President Donald Trump and she appointed Wade as special prosecutor, it could be a conflict of interest.

This is crazy:

Bradley, when pressed under oath, said he couldn’t recall several details and timelines about conversations he had with former client Nathan Wade about Wade’s romantic relationship with Fani Willis.

Defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant at one point referenced text messages between her and Bradley in which she had asked Bradley if he thought the relationship started before Willis hired Wade in 2021. Bradley responded “absolutely” in the text exchange.

But in court Tuesday, Bradley said he was “speculating” in those comments.

Why the change? Bradley wouldn’t say:

Attorney Richard Rice later asked Bradley if he makes a habit of passing on “lies about your friends.”

“Do you tell lies about your friends? About a case of national importance?” Rice asked.

“I could have had, I don’t know,” Bradley responded.

Bradely [sic] said he couldn’t recall key details or specific information more than two dozen times in the roughly two-hour testimony in Fulton County Superior Court on Tuesday. He also said he had only ever discussed Wade’s relationship with Willis once with Wade.

Willis and Wade claimed they didn’t become romantic until 2022, which is after Willis indicted Trump and appointed Wade.

Willis kept losing her temper on the stand. She had a hard time answering questions with a simple yes or no.

A former friend and colleague of Willis said the two started the relationship in 2019.

Cell phone data contradicts Wade’s testimony that he didn’t go to Willis’s condo before the relationship started.

Now Bradley is changing his testimony. It’s all too fishy!


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Nathan Wade’s Divorce Attorney Contradicts Himself Regarding Start of Wade-Willis Relationship


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