Massive ‘Jewish Unity Rally’ To Be Held At Cornell

2024-04-11 18:30:07

I’ve documented here many times since October 7 the toxic anti-Israel culture at Cornell, where I teach.

A large “Jewish Unity Rally” has been organized for this weekend, Sunday, April 14, starting at 1 p.m. in the Arts Quad. I will be one of the speakers. At least 1000 people are expected to attend.

The NY Post has the story:

Students and faculty at Cornell University are holding a “Jewish Unity” rally on Sunday to protest rising antisemitism at the Ithaca campus.

The fight against antisemitism will come just days after engineering student Patrick Dai pleaded guilty Wednesday to threatening to kill Jewish students on campus last October.

“After the horrific 10/7 attacks, I expected an outpouring of support and solidarity when I returned to campus. Instead, I encountered dehumanizing rhetoric, support for the terrorists, and students being accosted on campus and threatened with intimidation and violence solely because of our Jewish identity,” Amanda Silberstein, one of the student organizers, said in a statement to The Post.

“We stand together to affirm that the Jewish community at Cornell will remain strong, steadfast, and resilient, and will not only survive but thrive, as the Jewish people have done so many times before us throughout history.”  …

Yossi Israel, a student from Israel pursuing a masters degree in business administration, said he would hear statements like “Zionism is disease” and other antisemitic comments even before the war broke out, but paid no attention to the chatter.

But the students said he was startled when classmates posted lies and antisemitic comments after Oct. 7, and pro-Palestinian students marched through the business school building and called for an “Intifada.”

“We are having this rally to combat antisemitism and show faculty and other groups in Cornell that we will not tolerate this anymore. Jewish students and their safety will not be mocked,” he said….

Some faculty members are also showing up.

“I will be attending and speaking at the rally to show my support for Jewish students on campus, many of whom feel abandoned by the administration and faculty,” said Cornell law professor William Jacobson, founder of, a right-leaning civil rights group.

“Now more than ever, it is important to show students they are not alone, and that there are faculty who are willing to stand with them in this difficult time.

There is a counter-protest scheduled by anti-Israel groups not far from the location where the Jewish Unity Rally is planned.

I’m hoping to have video of my speach and will report after the event.


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Massive ‘Jewish Unity Rally’ To Be Held At Cornell


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