Florida State Board of Education Votes to Prohibit Spending on DEI Programs at 28 State Colleges

2024-01-20 13:00:35

They also voted to scrap a sociology course and replace it with a course on American history. Awesome.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

DEI Spending Banned, Sociology Scrapped in Florida

On Monday, the Florida Department of Education honored civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. for his “dedication to service and equality.” On Wednesday, Florida’s State Board of Education voted to prohibit spending on diversity, equity and inclusion programs at 28 state colleges.

The vote marks the latest strike against DEI programs in a state where such initiatives have come under fire from Republican governor—and current GOP presidential candidate—Ron DeSantis, who has called such programs both wasteful and “hostile to academic freedom.”

In the same meeting, the board also voted to replace a Principles of Sociology course with an American History course. The change, according to a department press release, aims “to provide students with an accurate and factual account of the nation’s past, rather than exposing them to radical woke ideologies, which had become commonplace in the now replaced course.” Now, sociology—King’s major at Morehouse College—will no longer be a core course option at state colleges.

The vote follows a similar move in November at the Florida State University System.

Florida commissioner of education Manny Diaz Jr., a former state Republican lawmaker, praised the move in Wednesday’s press release: “Higher education must return to its essential foundations of academic integrity and the pursuit of knowledge instead of being corrupted by destructive ideologies,” Diaz said. “These actions today ensure that we will not spend taxpayers’ money supporting DEI and radical indoctrination that promotes division in our society.”


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Florida State Board of Education Votes to Prohibit Spending on DEI Programs at 28 State Colleges


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