House GOP ‘Greatly Diminished’ Our Reputation in the World

2024-04-10 20:17:48

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Republicans in control of the House have “greatly diminished” the reputation United States in the world by how they are dealing with Ukraine aid.

Pelosi said, “It is very important busy time for all of us to talk about democracy. Their dysfunction is an impediment to democracy. In Ukraine we are really at a very critical place we have been for a while. They keep saying they are going to do it. We’ll do it when we come back, we will do it next week and all the rest. But this is very serious. Ukraine, the people of Ukraine have been so courageous they fought for their democracy and doing so for democracy writ large. The world has understood that Russia should not be violating the sovereignty and the borders of Ukraine. The Congress of the United States was hung up by a Putin caucus as their own leadership have said, chairs of committees have said Russian propaganda has overtaken the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives.”

She added, “People have lost their lives in the weeks and months that we have just delayed all of this. And in terms of our reputation in the world, it is greatly diminished by what is happening in the House of Representatives.”

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House GOP ‘Greatly Diminished’ Our Reputation in the World


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