Fan Lights Pants on Fire in Stunt at Bills-Chiefs Tailgate

2024-01-22 14:22:05

Buffalo Bills fans are known to get rowdy at tailgates, but a group reached the next level on Sunday before the team’s face-off with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Video footage shows a man wearing a Detroit Lions sweatshirt performing a stunt in the snow that involved fire, Fox Sports reported Monday.

In the clip, the fan is being held aloft by someone else while standing in a truck bed. A folding table with a small flame burning on it is set up next to them.

The person holding the man in the sweatshirt flips him over, and he smashes into the table, landing on his rear end. For a moment, the man looks up with a grimace on his face, then jumps up off the broken table, apparently aware his back end is on fire.

He grabs the table and tosses it as the crowd watches, then frantically pats his bottom to try and put out the flame. Other fans quickly try to help the man as he slips on the snow and lands on the ground:

Social media users quickly commented on the dangerous stunt, one person writing, “How do people forget to stop, drop, and roll like they weren’t taught that as a kid?”

“Genius-level stuff right here…” someone else commented, while another person said, “Rump roasts.”

Both teams later faced off in the divisional playoff game to determine which team would move on to play in the AFC Championship Game, Us Weekly reported Sunday:

The Chiefs ultimately won the game, with a final score of 27-24. Sunday’s divisional game marked the first time that the Bills have played a home playoff game against the Chiefs at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York, since the rivalry between their quarterback, Josh Allen, and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes began.

Following the loss, a Bills fan told WKBW, “It’s embarrassing. They played their hearts out all year long, and then that. A missed field goal at extra-point range. It hurts.”

“I just want us to win the Super Bowl, and losing, it just hurts,” another fan told the outlet.

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Fan Lights Pants on Fire in Stunt at Bills-Chiefs Tailgate


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