Media Narrative of “Anti-Trans” Violence Cast In Doubt As Video Surfaces Of Deceased ‘Trans’ Nex Benedict Admitting She Was The Aggressor

2024-02-26 14:00:58

Another day, another Democrat hactivist media lie. When the “news” broke that ‘transgender’ teen Nex Benedict was hospitalized after an altercation at her high school, the media went into overdrive spinning their web of lies. The danger to ‘trans’ people is REEEEAL, they screeched. The bullying must stop, they moaned.

Well, it turns out that, and according to Nex Benedict herself, she was the aggressor, the instigator, the bully.

Tragically, Benedict died the day after the incident she admitted that she instigated, though a cause of death has not yet been established (well, reported).

But check out the Democrat media crazy.

Democrat journalismists at USAToday “report” (archive link):

As police continued Thursday to probe the death of an Oklahoma teen who died a day after being involved in a fight that broke out in a high school bathroom, authorities announced a preliminary autopsy showed the student’s death was not the result of “trauma.”

The death of Nex Benedict, 16, has prompted widespread attention and nationwide calls for schools to better protect students who may be bullied because of their gender and sexual identities. Nex, a sophomore at Owasso High School, used they/them and he/him pronouns and identified as gender expansive, an umbrella term that describes people whose gender identity expands beyond traditional gender norms, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Nex had previously been bullied because of their gender identity, friends of Nex told an advocacy group. Authorities are investigating what led up to the fight and whether Nex was targeted because of their gender identity.

The problem, of course, is that Nex herself told police that she attacked the younger girls first, that she was the bully and started the altercation. Several things are very clear from her own statement to police: she did not know the girls, she started the incident with them, and she is not clear on why the girls reacted to her aggression with their own. Sigh. File under: FAFO

Here’s CNN attempting to report on the police video (archive link). It’s unintentionally both hilarious and confusing because of their bizarre pronoun use.

Body camera video from February 7 shows an Owasso police officer interacting with Nex and their guardian, Sue Benedict, in a hospital after the fight in a school bathroom between two groups of students.

Nex tells the officer they didn’t know the other girls – “I don’t know their names, I don’t know them,” – but the girls had ridiculed the way they dressed before. Sue Benedict says in the prior week, she had counseled Nex to just ignore the three girls. Nex says they didn’t see the point of reporting the previous verbal abuse to school officials.

Nex says the day of the fight, they went to the bathroom “and I was talking with my friends, they were talking with their friends and we were laughing. And they had said something like, ‘Why do they laugh like that?’ And they were talking about us in front of us.”

In response to those comments, Nex tells the officer they poured water from their water bottle on the students and that’s when things escalated. They came at Nex and grabbed at their hair, Nex says. Nex was then able to grab one of the girls and threw her into a paper towel dispenser, they say. Nex eventually got thrown onto the ground and the other students proceeded to beat them up, Nex says in the video.

“They got my legs out from under me and got me on the ground and started beating the sh*t out of me,” Nex says.

One of Nex’s friends tried to help, but Nex blacked out and isn’t sure what happened, they say.

The officer then advises Nex and Sue Benedict that the courts could view throwing liquid on someone as assault and as the action that started the altercation.

Eventually the Benedicts decide not to seek charges.

You don’t say.

So of course Democrat activists are trying to turn this into another “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. Despite the facts being known and widely reported at the time of Nex’s memorial.

And then there’s this.


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Media Narrative of “Anti-Trans” Violence Cast In Doubt As Video Surfaces Of Deceased ‘Trans’ Nex Benedict Admitting She Was The Aggressor


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