NBC News Smears Libs of TikTok Founder Chaya Raichik by Linking Her to Oklahoma School Bomb Threats

2024-01-24 08:00:05

The left set new rules when Chaya Raichik, the founder of the Libs of TikTok account, had the audacity to call out the far-left crap contaminating the public schools.

New rules: Whenever someone criticizes a school, that person is responsible for any actions others do to the school.

Raichik warned people on X about a hit piece on her from Matt Lavietes at NBC News.

Lavietes and others in the MSM couldn’t understand why Oklahoma Superintendent Ryan Walters named Raichik as an advisor to the Education Department’s Library Media Advisory Committee.

I live in Oklahoma. I have no idea why Walters would choose Raichik except for the fact that she has no fear of exposing schools that have inappropriate materials.

But did Lavietes and others concentrate on Raichik’s credentials? No.

Instead, Lavietes dissected her “incendiary”  and “inflammatory” X account. Yes, he used a word that means “a device designed to cause fires” to describe her account.

Lavietes and the MSM spent time smearing Raichik, connecting her to bomb threats against Union Public Schools, located in Tulsa:

In August, Union Public Schools, a school district that covers parts of Tulsa and some of its suburbs, said it received bomb threats for six consecutive days. The threats came after Raichik shared a critical video about one of its school librarians.

The video Raichik posted showed a school librarian walking next to a bookshelf, and it was captioned: “POV: teachers in your state are dropping like flies but you are still just not quite finished pushing your woke agenda at the public school.” The video replaced the librarian’s original caption, which read: “My radical liberal agenda is teaching kids to love books and be kind — hbu??”

Levietes even brought up bomb threats against Boston Children’s Hospital after Raichik claimed it performed child-mutilating surgeries.

What a joke. Authorities found no credibility behind the bomb threats.

Lavietes claimed Raichik didn’t answer any questions.

Except she did. Raichik brought receipts.

Rolling Stone, which is somehow still active despite the Virginia rape hoax, was no better. Not that it shocks anyone: Libs of TikTok Fueled Bomb Threats at Oklahoma Schools. The Superintendent Just Hired Her

Rolling Stone connects Raichik to the bomb threats. Also, calling her a professional harasser is not cool.

It’s hard to win defamation lawsuits, especially for public figures, but uh, Raichik might have a case.


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NBC News Smears Libs of TikTok Founder Chaya Raichik by Linking Her to Oklahoma School Bomb Threats


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