Jill Biden’s ‘Work Husband’ Accused of Bullying, Verbally Sexually Harassing Colleagues

2024-03-13 16:00:55

According to numerous sources, First Lady Jill Biden’s “work husband,” Anthony Bernal, is untouchable despite his despicable behavior.

That’s not all. Politico has a report about the toxic environment within the White House.

But hey, the adults are back in charge, right? Change the names to Melanie and Donald Trump. The media would have these stories front and center, dissecting every word from the sources.

This quote, you guys: “It comes from the top. The Bidens are more interested in shielding a known predator than protecting [verbal] abuse victims.”

Anthony Bernal

I am not a prude but know how to behave in a workspace. Bernal has been with Jill for over ten years. These allegations and observations span that entire time.

Yes, even before Joe became president.

When Joe became president, he promised that the adults were back in charge.

From The New York Post:

Anthony Bernal, whose status as the first lady’s top aide grants him enormous clout in both White House operations and Democratic politics, has repeatedly speculated in the workplace about the penis size of colleagues, according to three sources with firsthand knowledge.

Two sources said Bernal, 50, shared with them a theory that the size of a person’s thumb corresponds to that of their genitalia — citing the hypothesis both at the White House and in prior roles during President Biden’s campaign and vice presidency under President Barack Obama.

“It is to make people uncomfortable and to have power over them,” said one source who told The Post they heard Bernal make the crude remarks over several years while they worked together.

“It is Me Too — classic Me Too,” the source added.

Before the presidency, another source told The Post that Bernal announced “a colleague had a small penis.” Bernal also “remarked on another staffer’s bulge in his khakis.”

The source said, “It was a lot of inappropriate remarks — talking about other people’s attractiveness and speculating about their sex lives at very weird moments.”

Four more sources (SEVEN people total so far) recalled moments when “Bernal has speculated aloud in the workplace on the sexuality of colleagues — including at the White House — in a way that makes others uncomfortable.”

Bernal is openly gay. Another person said (EIGHT people now) they “heard him say inappropriate things about people’s sexuality or pry inappropriately into people’s personal lives.”

Yes, that means asking people if someone is gay. I wouldn’t be shocked if Bernal asked people to their faces.

Another person (NINE!) heard Bernal say one more than occasion pontificate “on whether someone was gay or not or said, ‘They are definitely gay.’”

The Post reported that 12 sources came to the paper. They all want Bernal held accountable because he “reflects poorly on Jill.”

Others hate Joe’s hypocrisy:

“They talk a big game about integrity, decency, and kindness but when you work for the Bidens, you experience anything but that,” said another former White House adviser, who, like other sources, asked for anonymity in order to speak candidly and for fear of retaliation.

“They choose to surround themselves with bullies who run around the White House like mean girls, making the president and first lady look like phonies to everyone in Washington because everyone on the inside talks about what happens there on the outside.”

Anyone else would have been fired on the spot. Because Bernal has been with Jill for ten years, he shows the power he has over her:

“I don’t think people understand how much power and influence he has. The problem is it is career-ending for anyone to talk on the record for these stories,” said one of the sources, who described Bernal as creating a “hostile work environment” for employees of both the first lady’s East Wing and those he encountered in the West Wing.

“The dignity speech doesn’t apply to him and everyone knows that. This is not new behavior, and that’s what’s so upsetting, because no one does anything.”

“He’s seen as untouchable due to his relationship with the first lady,” one former White House official said. “Staff have been told he’s ‘protected’ by Jill or that they should take it up with him directly.”

Others in the White House

The White House Counsel’s Office opened an investigation due to the toxic environment within the White House.

Three people contacted the office last fall. They requested an investigation into Ian Mellul, a former associate director of presidential advance, and Brie Moore, a former director of press advance.

After three years at the White House, Mellul resigned in March. Moore recently “resigned within the past few weeks following complaints from the press corps to the White House about her behavior, several people familiar with the office said.”

Four former White House staffers claimed that “seasoned vets have declined to pitch in when asked” because the situation has worsened.

Staffers saw no changes when Mellul worked in the White House despite everyone knowing about his trashy behavior towards junior staffers:

The White House’s HR team opened an investigation into Mellul’s conduct about a year ago, which led to him getting management training and an executive coach, according to a person familiar with the situation. Eventually the counsel’s office decided to investigate Mellul after additional complaints were made before he was put on paid administrative leave and then resigned, the person said.

Deputy press secretary Andrew Bates said “we do not comment on personnel matters one way or another” when asked about the White House investigation into Mellul.

Mellul — who did advance for Biden’s 2020 campaign and joined the White House early on in the presidency — would threaten staffers that he would “ruin your life” when mistakes were made and regularly called junior staffers “pieces of shit” and “worthless,” according to two of the people who witnessed his actions. Mellul would also demand interns run personal errands, like picking up his dry cleaning.

People have blamed Ryan Montoya, the director of scheduling and advance, and an assistant, Joe.

A former official claimed many people went to Montoya, who did nothing about Mullel.

Montoya has a few problems, too:

Some of the current and former Biden staffers who had worked with Montoya — who did advance for Biden’s 2020 campaign — said he could also lash out at staffers and belittle aides in front of colleagues. But they believe that because Montoya was trusted by Anthony Bernal, adviser to first lady Jill Biden and one of the most powerful figures within the Biden White House, as well as deputy chief of staff Annie Tomasini, he was shielded from discipline.

Adults in Charge

Man, it was all about how the adults were back in charge after Biden won!

Put aside the foreign policy messes caused by Biden and his cronies. How about that White House?

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients landed at the top of everyone’s crap list because he brushed off all allegations against Bernal.

Believe all women or something:

Zients said in response to those complaints Monday evening that he and the first couple “have full confidence in Anthony’s character” and that “[i]t is disappointing that he is the target of unfounded attacks from unnamed sources” — a statement that a prominent sexual harassment expert called “an incredible no-no.”

The horrid response encourages others to speak to The Post: “It’s a troubling quote because it’s widely known that Anthony’s behavior is unacceptable, and to have senior staff dismiss it like that tells everyone in the building that that kind of behavior is OK and it won’t even be looked into. It sends a signal that these kinds of things are not going to be taken seriously and are not going to be investigated — and I think that obviously sets a troubling precedent for anyone else who is struggling [with bullying and harassment].”

Zients is at the top of the White House chart. These sources know that his comments would make everyone fearful, especially those who work for and with him:

“If they didn’t know that they had zero recourse before the story, Jeff made it pretty clear that if you’re harassed by senior staff at the White House, his door is closed, and he doesn’t want to hear you,” they went on.

“That statement sent a huge smoke signal to the staff inside the building to just go to the press, not the chief of staff.”

The ex-official continued: “A White House chief of staff should not be placed in a position to condone abuse and harassment from his own personnel in any place, let alone the White House. The first thing Jeff should do is fire whomever convinced him to put his name on that statement.”

They couldn’t believe Zients would reach his conclusion without even investigating.

The mic drop: “It comes from the top. The Bidens are more interested in shielding a known predator than protecting [verbal] abuse victims.”


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Jill Biden’s ‘Work Husband’ Accused of Bullying, Verbally Sexually Harassing Colleagues


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