Columbia University Added to House Probe of Antisemitism on College Campuses

2024-02-13 09:00:31

Columbia should absolutely be included in this investigation. They have been one of the worst actors since October 7th.

The New York Post reports:

Columbia University is probed by House over campus antisemitism: ‘Grave concerns’

A sweeping House probe into anti-Jewish hate at elite colleges was extended to investigate Columbia University and Barnard College Monday.

The New York colleges were hit with a 16-page letter from Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), chair of the House Committee of Education and the Workforce, who warned it had “grave concerns” about antisemitism on their campus.

It comes days after an antisemitic poster of a skunk with the Star of David was plastered across Columbia’s Upper West Side campus.

Foxx accused them of a “failure to protect Jewish students” before and after the October 7 Hamas attack and demanded both hand over information on their handling of antisemitic attacks — and radical pro-Palestinian groups.

“We have grave concerns regarding the inadequacy of Columbia’s response to antisemitism on its campus,” said the letter sent to to five officials at Columbia and Barnard College, including Columbia’s president Minouche Shafik and Barnard’s president Laura Rosenbury.

The committee is the same one whose questioning on campus antisemitism of Harvard president Claudine Gay and University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill in December led to both apologizing and quitting after Gay said that whether calling for the genocide of the Jews broke campus rules was depended “on the context.”

The letter is demanding documentation from the two schools, including information about a Dec. 12 demonstration by two anti-Israeli groups — Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) — that had been already suspended from campus.

Despite the ban, the House committee alleges, the groups chanted “from the river to the sea” and “intifada, intifada, intifada, long live intifada.”

“According to the Columbia Jewish Alumni Association, several Barnard deans passed by the event but failed to stop it, and at least one Jewish student was assaulted at it,” the letter says.


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Columbia University Added to House Probe of Antisemitism on College Campuses


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