TikTok Will Not Be Banned — ‘I Want to Buy It’

2024-03-08 16:26:38

Shark Tank star and investor Kevin O’Leary said Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story” that he or somebody else American will buy TikTok so it is not shut down.

Guest host Gillian Turner said, “Some folks are saying I depend on TikTok to run my marking for my small business. I even run TikTok as a platform to sell and close transactions. If it’s banned eventually, what does that mean for the small business economy?”

O’Leary said, “It not going to get banned. I’m going to buy it. Somebody will buy it. It won’t be Meta and Google. A regulator will stop that. A syndicate will be formed. I’d like to be involved obviously. What I would do is form a bipartisan committee, an advisory committee for 18 months. go to them and say to them, how much will you let me keep of the Chinese?”

He added, “Hire an American CEO, move the servers here to the United States, rewrite the code so we can shutout the Chinese back doors. That’s what everybody wants. Leave a taste for the Chinese and put a mandate in place. They can keep 20%. That way you run a process, this is worth billions. One of the most successful advertising platforms in social media today. All of my companies use it. I’ll buy it. I can put a syndicate together as long as I can get the blessing of the House. Nobody wants to fund this thing if they think it will buck politically. If we make it all American including servers, I can get this deal done. I want to buy it.”

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TikTok Will Not Be Banned — ‘I Want to Buy It’


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