Illinois Elections Board Keeps Trump on the Ballot

2024-01-30 09:38:38

This is YUGE. I figured Illinois would kick him off.

The Illinois Election Board decided it did not have the jurisdiction to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot.

The Board said the decision should go through the courts “because of the complicated constitutional issues involved.”

However, Clark Erickson, a Republican retired judge, wrote in his opinion “that a ‘preponderance of the evidence’ presented proved that Trump engaged in insurrection and should be barred from the ballot.”

It’s huge because it is a unanimous decision. It has four Republicans and four Democrats.

The Colorado Supreme Court booted Trump off the ballot, but the state will not remove him until the Supreme Court rules on it.

Florida, Minnesota, and Michigan all chose to keep Trump on the ballot.

Maine’s secretary of state determined Trump cannot be on the ballot.


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Illinois Elections Board Keeps Trump on the Ballot


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