Garland Helped Special Counsel Engage in Smear of Biden

2024-03-12 15:31:05

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) stated that former Special Counsel Robert Hur engaged in a political smear campaign against President Joe Biden “and this also goes to” Attorney General Merrick Garland, “who ultimately did release the report without the transcript.”

Host Nicolle Wallace asked, “When I read the whole transcript, as I did when I was up in the wee hours this morning, it’s clear why Biden felt so, I think, betrayed by the characterization. How do you, though, in this era, get all of the nuance of the transcript out ahead of the smearing that Hur did with his characterization?”

Goldman responded, “Well, look, I think that’s part of the problem, and this also goes to the Attorney General, who ultimately did release the report without the transcript. But it does confirm exactly what many of my Democratic colleagues on the Judiciary Committee pointed out today, and that I’ve been saying for a while, which is, he cherry-picked information that was politically damaging to Joe Biden to include it in the report, and he left out contrary information from the transcript and from the interview that would have contradicted that conclusion. And to say — for a prosecutor to actually say, in an interview of a witness, that you have a photographic memory, and then, in a report, to say that your memory lapses are so significant because of your age, is really, really misleading and devious.”

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Garland Helped Special Counsel Engage in Smear of Biden


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