Leftist-Islamist Reign of Terror Intensifies With Open War Cries

2024-04-21 07:00:27

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse at Columbia University, it did. Last night the anti-Israel emcampment and protests included open war cries,  some religiously based, and  backing of more Hamas attacks on Israel.

This is what I referred to in 2010 as Malmö Syndrome,  the antisemitic violence resulting from the shared anti-Israeli agenda of Islamists and leftists:

Malmö is the third largest Swedish city, and now the poster child for what I call Malmö Syndrome, the anti-Semitic violence which results from the shared anti-Israeli agenda of Islamists and leftists.

The result is that Malmö is being depopulated of Jews as a result of street violence by Mulsims and disinterest by left-wing politicians….

At the heart of Malmo Syndrome is the attempt to delegitimize Israel….Malmö Syndrome is not new or unique to Malmö. Wherever one finds “pro-Palestinian” demonstrators — whether secular leftists or Islamists — one finds blatant and often violent anti-Semitism…

The line between anti-Israel rhetoric and anti-Semitic violence has been all but erased, and the enlightened leftists supposedly committed to human rights in fact are in bed with those who act on the oldest hate.

That’s a point I made many times that this is not just an anti-Israel movement, it’s an anti-American and anti-capitalism movement intended to tear down our society. I made that point at the recent Cornell Unity Rally, this really is a civilizational struggle:

I was interviewed last night by Fox News about the encampments at Columbia, Yale, and some other universities.

Here’s an excerpt from the Fos News interview, Anti-Israel Yale protesters joining Columbia students in ‘tear down our society’ Ivy League movement: Law prof

Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson, who has been studying the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for about 15 years, told Fox News Digital the protests at Ivy League universities like Columbia and Yale are reminiscent of the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011. During the movement, protesters raised issues with economic inequality, corporate greed and how money influenced politics, while setting up an encampment in Zuccotti Park in the financial district in New York City…..

It’s a ‘tear down our society’ movement,” Jacobson said. “I think it’s essentially a similar phenomenon which has been directed toward Israel as the object of their hate, instead of Wall Street or instead of something else.” ….

Jacobson also said he thinks the protests are the result of 20 plus years of “gross dehumanization” of Israeli Jews on campuses, through the BDS movement as well as through radical faculty members found on most campuses across the U.S., particularly at Columbia….

Ultimately, he said the anti-capitalist movement focuses on Israel, which results in the dehumanization of Jews because Jews support Israel.

With that, though, there are other factors feeding into the protests, according to the Cornell law professor….

There could be a psychological aspect affecting students because they are told they have to go deeply into debt to attend elite colleges, only to find out their dreams were crushed by a system that lured them into taking on enormous debt.

Then there are those who did not take on debt but cannot find a solid career path.

“I think there’s a bunch of different things going on, and Israel and Jews are the convenient scapegoat, as historically has been the case,” Jacobson said….

“I don’t think there’s really a future for them because they’re built around tearing things down,” he said. “They have no positive agenda. Their agenda is to tear things down, and I think what people need to understand is that these protesters, who ostensibly are anti-Israel, are also anti-American.

“It’s almost a complete overlap between the anti-Israel, anti-American and anti-capitalist protesters,” he added. “That’s what this movement is about. It’s not just about the war in Gaza.”


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Leftist-Islamist Reign of Terror Intensifies With Open War Cries


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