Biden Claims He Didn’t Proclaim Easter Sunday ‘Trans Day of Visibility’

2024-04-01 12:00:10

President Joe Biden claimed he never proclaimed easter Sunday as Trans Day of Visibility:

President Biden on Monday said Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) was “uninformed” in his criticism of the White House for the Easter holiday falling on the same day as Transgender Day of Visibility.

“He’s thoroughly uninformed,” Biden said during Monday’s Easter Egg Roll when asked about Johnson’s criticism.

“Uninformed how?” a reporter asked.

“I didn’t do that,” Biden responded.

Is this common? Do other people just sign off on these proclamations?

Oh, look. I’m correct!

Politico’s senior political columnist, ladies and gentlemen. He also just had to mention Trump, too.

These people have no self-awareness.

What does this say about Biden and the people around him? I figured I never joke when I say Biden does the bidding of the man behind the curtain. There is literally a man behind the curtain.

But hey, let’s go ahead and nominate and elect two old guys, especially one who has shown signs of mentally being out of it.


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Biden Claims He Didn’t Proclaim Easter Sunday ‘Trans Day of Visibility’


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