John Kirby Concerned Aid to Ukraine Depletes ‘U.S. Weaponry Inventories’

2024-03-18 04:00:52

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has concerns about aid we send to Ukraine because of weapon inventory.

From The Washington Examiner:

Kirby appeared on This Week Sunday, where host Martha Raddatz asked him if he worries about military readiness in the U.S. after so much weaponry has been sent to Ukraine after Russia invaded the country more than two years ago.

“Sure. Of course. Since the beginning of the war, with every package we provided, we’ve got to make a certification that it’s not gonna damage our own national security, and as we have given more and depleted our inventories, we have been doing everything we can to work with the defense industry to restock, to replenish,” Kirby said. “That’s what this replenishment authority — why that’s so important, so yes, it’s a concern. We haven’t reached a point yet where our own national security and our own operational plans have been jeopardized, but it’s absolutely something you can’t ever take your eye off.”

But at the same time, Kirby encouraged the country to send more weapons and money to Ukraine.

Remember, we’re not a part of the war because we don’t have boots on the ground.

Many people have expressed concerns about sending weapons and money to Ukraine because we have real national security problems right at our border. Literally!


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John Kirby Concerned Aid to Ukraine Depletes ‘U.S. Weaponry Inventories’


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