Denver To Defund Police To The Tune Of $8.4 Million In Order To Pay For Illegal Aliens

2024-04-14 16:00:35

Denver, Colorado is a proud ‘sanctuary city’ despite the myriad self-inflicted problems this status has caused. From an overloaded health care system on the verge of collapse, to nearby Aurora refusing to take Denver’s illegal alien overflow, to Denver actually urging property owners to rent to illegals at slashed rates, the city is teetering due to a tiny fraction of the illegal aliens that border states, cities, and towns have been dealing with for decades.

But the genius Democrats in charge there have a great plan to help support the illegal aliens for whom they have laid out the welcome mat: Defund police to the tune of $8.4 million and funnel those funds to illegals.

It gets worse. The Democrat mayor wants to spend a whopping $89.9 million, including cuts to firefighters, to provide (luxury?) services to the influx of illegals.

The Daily Wire reports:

The Democrat-run city of Denver plans to defund its Police Department to pay for illegal immigrants.

Colorado’s capital, commonly referred to as a “sanctuary city,” announced Wednesday that it will spend $89.9 million on services for incoming illegal migrants, pulling some funding from roughly $45 million in public programs and services. The Denver Police Department will be hit with a reduction of $8.4 million— about 1.9% of its total operating budget, the city confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Denver became the top destination per capita for incoming illegal aliens in 2023, having had more than 40,000 arrive that year alone to put the total population of illegal immigrants at roughly 710,000, according to NBC News. Last year, Denver spent over $42 million in housing and medical services for the migrants and plans to spend over $100 million on similar costs this year.

The Denver Fire Department also will suffer a $2.5 million reduction, or about 0.8% of its total operating costs, according to the city. Half of those reductions will come from vacant positions.

The Daily Mail has more:

The sanctuary city’s progressive Mayor Mike Johnston unveiled a budget proposal on Wednesday, allocating $89.9 million to assist incoming undocumented migrants, whom he refers to as ‘newcomers.’

. . . . The amount will be drawn from approximately $45 million that’s used for public programs and services.

As a result of this reallocation, the police and fire department are some of those expected to face budget cuts.

Johnston claimed this was the best option available to provide services to migrants.

. . . . Denver plans to spend the $89.9 million on various migrant assistance programs in 2024, including $3 million to ‘Program Administration,’ $51.7 million to ‘Shelter and Housing,’ $9.7 million to ‘Supportive Services,’ $9.5 million to ‘One Time Capital Costs’ and $10 million to ‘Contingency.’

Well, isn’t that . . . special?

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Denver To Defund Police To The Tune Of $8.4 Million In Order To Pay For Illegal Aliens


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