Tucker Carlson’s Prep School in RI Won’t Let Him Speak on Campus Because ‘People Could be Killed’

2024-04-03 12:00:32

Students at St. George’s School, a prep school in Rhode Island, wanted Tucker Carlson to come and speak at the school. Carlson graduated from St. George’s and sent his children there, but faculty members and people in the administration would not allow him to speak there, claiming it would be too dangerous.

Carlson claims that he was even told that “people could be killed” if he was allowed to speak on campus.

Bob Hoge writes at RedState:

Tucker Carlson’s Prep School Too Scared to Let Him Speak on Campus, ‘People Could Be Killed’

Tucker Carlson was invited by a student to speak at his high school alma mater, the St. George’s boarding school in Middletown, RI, but he says the administration first gave him the runaround, then flat-out said he was not welcome. They issued all sorts of reasons why over the course of several phone conversations, claiming that he’d bring unwanted media attention, that the students didn’t actually want him, the faculty “hated” him, that he was “embarrassing,” and finally, that it would just be too dangerous.

Of course, the real reason they didn’t want him was because they couldn’t deal with his ideas or the thought of having their worldview challenged.

Finally, he arranged to do a Zoom call with interested students, telling them the whole episode was “wrong”:

I found, honestly in my exchanges with the administration at St. George’s, a total resistance to having anybody who they don’t agree with even in the same world. Like I’m not on your campus right now because they — the campus that I went to, and donated to and sent my two children to — because they wouldn’t let me come.

Carlson claims that this is all because the people who run the school hate his politics and we all know he is right. Watch:

The school is now freaking out because he did a Zoom session with the students.

The Daily Beast reports, via Yahoo News:

Tucker Carlson’s Alma Mater Says He Wrongly Recorded Student Zoom Session

The Rhode Island prep school from which Tucker Carlson graduated in 1987 has accused the former Fox News host of violating an agreement during a Zoom discussion he held with current students this week.

In a letter Friday to the St. George’s School community obtained by The Daily Beast, administrators expressed their disappointment with Carlson after he allegedly broke their agreement not to record the session.

The school explained that after a student group invited Carlson to speak on campus, the two sides had come to an agreement that a better fit was for Carlson to speak remotely, with the school citing security concerns and a Rhode Island law that prohibits guns on school campuses. Carlson travels with armed guards, the letter said.

Perhaps the students who wanted Tucker to come to campus should protest the next time a progressive speaker is invited to speak on campus.

They can just say that the speaker makes them feel unsafe. That seems to work for the left.

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Tucker Carlson’s Prep School in RI Won’t Let Him Speak on Campus Because ‘People Could be Killed’


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