Hamas Lies About the Number of Civilian Deaths in Gaza

2024-02-22 05:00:53

It’s very important to remember this and also to realize that the corporate media usually goes along with whatever Hamas says.

Isaac Schorr writes at the Telegraph:

We’ve got to stop believing Hamas’ lies about civilian deaths in Gaza

The global news media and many others would have you believe that the Israeli Defence Forces fighting in Gaza have gone far beyond anything that could be justified in response to the barbaric Hamas assaults on Israel last October, in which more than 1,000 men, women and children were murdered in the most horrifying ways.

The rhetoric around the cost of war in Gaza is predictably and tendentiously charged. Brazil’s President Lula, particularly offensively, has compared Israel’s actions to the Holocaust. Human Rights Watch deems Israel’s operations “relentless and unlawful,” placing the entirety of the blame for the “gruesome toll” of deaths squarely on the shoulders of the IDF: ignoring the known facts that Hamas and other jihadi rockets routinely fall short in Gaza, and civilians are routinely used as human shields by Hamas fighters.

The adjective-happy writers responsible for these overwrought headlines are right about one thing: War is hell, and the one between the Middle East’s only democracy and Hamas is no exception. Indeed, from its very inception on October 7, 2023, the stories coming out of southern Israel and Gaza have been difficult to bear, even from halfway around the world.

It is human, and even righteous, to be revolted by the horrors of urban combat. But it is equally vital not to allow virtuous instincts to be taken advantage of by malevolent forces.


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Hamas Lies About the Number of Civilian Deaths in Gaza


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