UC-Berkeley has Not Apologized to Israeli Speaker Threatened by Anti-Semitic Protesters

2024-03-04 09:00:33

We covered this when it happened. The people who run Berkeley don’t see a problem here?

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Berkeley Administrators Have Offered No Apology to Israeli Speaker Accosted by Anti-Semitic Mob

University of California, Berkeley, administrators have offered no apology to Israeli lawyer Ran Bar-Yoshafat, whose speech to a campus Jewish group was abruptly canceled by the university after violent protesters choked a female student attendee, spit in another attendee’s face, and broke into the auditorium where Bar-Yoshafat waited onstage.

“I’ve had no apology,” Bar-Yoshafat told the Washington Free Beacon. “No one from Berkeley has contacted me since, or tried to contact me, even.”

Only about 10 to 12 student attendees had been able to make it into the university venue where Bar-Yoshafat had been moved for the third time when violent protesters broke down the doors and university police abruptly declared that the event would be shut down. Following this announcement, Bar-Yoshafat said, an unidentified staffer told him that he would have to leave. The staffer and security guards then showed him and his wife down a backstage corridor so that they could leave without having to navigate the violent protesters.

Before the lawyer could leave, however, two fully masked protesters jumped onstage and approached him with their hands in their pockets, without interference from security, and saw where he and his wife were going. Bar-Yoshafat said his university escorts showed him down the corridor, opened the door to the street, and left him and his wife outside alone with a “good luck.” The couple had no idea where they were or how to get to their car until a staff member for the group sponsoring Bar-Yoshafat’s U.S. speaking tour found them.

The treatment that Bar-Yoshafat describes is another black mark on Berkeley that shows the school’s growing reputation for allowing anti-Semitism to fester on its campus.


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UC-Berkeley has Not Apologized to Israeli Speaker Threatened by Anti-Semitic Protesters


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