‘Jackass’ Trump Attacked Nikki Haley in Sexist Way, Humiliated Tim Scott

2024-01-24 20:46:40

CNN contributor David Axelrod said Wednesday on “OutFront” that former President Donald Trump was a “jackass” during his victory speech in New Hampshire Tuesday night.

Axelrod said, “Here’s the reality and it has been from the beginning of the main part of this campaign, Donald Trump has the support from a really important cohort in the republican primaries and that’s Republicans. He won 3-1 among Republicans in New Hampshire. She won among Independents, but New Hampshire is the most inviting state for Independents to participate.”

National Review writer Reihan Salam said, “One thing that is important to keep in mind is that Donald Trump running in 2024 is markedly different than in 2016. You have the improvisational Trump on the stump making that victory speech. But you also have the very disciplined Trump campaign… They were hitting Nikki Haley from the right on immigration and then hitting her from the left on Social Security.”

Axelrod said, “I guarantee you that they did not say, ‘Go on out there and act like a jackass and go after Nikki Haley in really personal and sexist ways, humiliate Tim Scott,’ That was the improvisational Trump. The challenge for his campaign team is, they can do all the blocking and tackling well, and they are. But they can’t control him. That was a really horrible exhibition last night. And it only probably made Haley more determined to try and stay.”

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‘Jackass’ Trump Attacked Nikki Haley in Sexist Way, Humiliated Tim Scott


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