Andrew Breitbart – 12 Years After His Death, There’s Still No Reason To Apologize

2024-03-01 18:00:16

Andrew Breitbart died 12 years ago today. I noted it at the time:

Very sad news to report, just breaking. Andrew Breitbart is dead….

There are few people who are irreplaceable, but Andrew may have been one of those few.

We have remembered him on each anniversary of his death since then, including these posts:

Last year, Mary wrote about her former boss, ‘Apologize for WHAT?’ We Lost Andrew Breitbart 11 Years Ago:

I don’t know how to write this. Whatever comes to mind I will put it down.

Andrew Breitbart is irreplaceable. I’m honored I worked for him. I’m honored he was a friend, even for a short time.

I’ve made it a point to try to honor his memory by regularly debunking the false and misleading attacks on him regarding the Shirley Sherrod video:

Andrew’s friend Larry O’Connor posted this on X today, naming names of some of the people involved with Andrew back in the day:

12 years ago today, on Feb 29, 2012, my friends and colleagues showed up for work at @BreitbartNews in West LA. We had no idea it would be the last day any of us would see our friend, Andrew, alive.

@benshapiro was there. (I think he and I argued about which was a better musical, Fiddler on the Roof and The King and I… I was Team Fiddler.)

@joelpollak was there, writing something smart and insightful.

@AlexMarlow was there, laughing and working harder than all of us.

@meredithdake was there, helping all of us with the brand new back-end we were all learning as the “Big Sites” were being converted to the brand new, @BreitbartNews.

I think @NolteNC was there, visiting from NC and keeping us all focused on the task at hand: Fighting the left.

And, of course, @AndrewBreitbart was there, inspiring us, challenging us, and making us all laugh.

Little did we know, it was the last day Andrew would be there.

I literally think about him every day, but today in particular. Leap day. The last day he was physically with us.

We owe him so much.

Keep laughing, Happy Warrior.

Not only is it easy to miss Andrew today, it’s easy to miss what the conservative blogosphere used to be. The comaraderie. The willingess to link to others – some people still do that, but conservative media has mostly gone corporate and only want to drive traffic to their own sites. Twitter pretty much destroyed the reason to be for small blogs. The sense of shared mission is gone.

You can’t go back in time. That’s one of the lessons of today. We need to move forward in this new landscape, yet retain the spirit of perhaps Andrew’s most famous line was from his last tweet the day of his death: Apologize for WHAT?


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Andrew Breitbart – 12 Years After His Death, There’s Still No Reason To Apologize


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