Armed Philadelphia Biker Pleads Guilty to Head-Butting Woman as Children Watched

2024-02-08 12:15:51

A motorcyclist who was charged after having an altercation with a woman near City Hall in Democrat-run Philadelphia has pleaded guilty.

Twenty-six-year-old Cody Heron was charged after the incident occurred in October, NBC Philadelphia reported Wednesday, noting the man has pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault and possession of an instrument of crime.

A mugshot shows Heron, who was among a group of ATV, motorcycle, and dirt bike riders at the time:

Video footage showed the moment the group surrounded Nikki Bullock’s car, the NBC report continued:

A motorcyclist, identified as Heron, wearing a helmet is seen leaving his bike to jump on the back of the sedan, shattering the window. What appears to be a handgun drops from his waistband and he then appears to wave it at Bullock as she emerges from the car, then headbutts and pushes her as she confronts him.

Heron admitted that he was responsible for initiating the altercation with Bullock after getting off his motorcycle, jumping on her car and smashing her window causing shards of glass to fall on top of her two children that were inside, officials said.

The man also admitted brandishing a gun at Bullock when she exited the vehicle to protect the young children who were inside it. Bullock was making a food delivery and turning into a lane when the incident occurred, per Breitbart News.

Following the altercation, Bullock said her decision to stand firm “was just the simple fact that I had kids in the car. I just wanted to protect them, honestly”:

Dirt bikes and ATVs have caused many problems for officials in Philadelphia for a long time, the Breitbart News article said.

When speaking about the incident not long after it transpired, Philadelphia Police Interim Commissioner John Stanford said, “We are going to continue to crack down on this type of behavior. It’s the quality of life issues that have an impact on so many people in this city.”

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Armed Philadelphia Biker Pleads Guilty to Head-Butting Woman as Children Watched


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