Israelis Working in High Tech Report Disturbing Increase in Antisemitism

2024-03-19 13:00:23

It’s horrible how quickly this hatred manifested and how acceptable it is in some circles.

‘Israelis should be burned to death’: Israeli employees experience wave of antisemitism

“I have been working at Amazon in New York for nine years, and until October 7, I have not experienced anything antisemitic there,” said Michael (a pseudonym; all names in the article are pseudonyms), an Israeli-American who works for the company as a software developer.

“There have always been good relations between the Israelis who work here and the other employees. This is a company that has never had demonstrations, protests, or expressions of antisemitism, not even when Israel was involved in previous operations. But since the Black Sabbath, something has changed. It didn’t happen all at once. It was a process,” he said.

“At first, there were small things, like being ‘forgotten’ from post-work social gatherings. Then, in office conversations, some employees denied the October 7 massacre and started talking about war crimes committed by Israel.

Some said that all Israelis should be drowned in the sea and similar things like that. It’s unpleasant to hear, especially from people I was on good terms with, and now they see me as an enemy. Then they started sending messages in WhatsApp groups that I’m part of, like ‘I stand with Palestine,’ ‘It’s time to free occupied Palestine,’ and ‘Israelis should be burned to death.’ On the walls there are Free Palestine stickers, and in the elevators, you will see graffiti in Arabic, I assume they are against Israel.”

The magazine entitled The European Conservative revealed last January that Amazon employees were found to have been spreading pro-Palestinian and antisemitic messages after internal communication documents were leaked from the company. “It happened on Slack, the messaging platform,” said Michael.

“They wrote that the Israelis were raping Palestinian women and beheading children. My main fear is that someday it will escalate from words to actions, and there is no one here who is really protecting us.”

In the news, it was noted that several Israelis complained to the authorities about this.

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Israelis Working in High Tech Report Disturbing Increase in Antisemitism


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