Eight Measles Cases at Illegal Immigrant Shelter and Ten Confirmed in the City

2024-03-13 18:00:40

I’m going to check the Chicago measles outbreak until it ends. Yes, it’s an outbreak. One case of an easily preventable disease is an outbreak to me.

My beloved Chicago has ten confirmed measles cases. Seven of the cases are at the Pilsen illegal immigrant shelter. One is at another shelter. Two children of those eight cases attended a Chicago Public School.

Please vaccinate your children with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. (Unlike the left, I won’t shame you or anything. But PLEASE. Vaccinate against these easily preventable viruses!)

From ABC 7 Chicago:

Two of the cases are in Chicago Public Schools students, CPS confirmed. The students attend Philip D. Armour Elementary School and Cooper Dual Language Elementary Academy. One of those cases was identified over the weekend, though which school they attended had not yet been released.

Students at those schools and their families should be aware that they are at risk for measles exposure and be aware of the symptoms so they can monitor for infection.

Since the weekend, about 900 measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccinations have been administered at the Pilsen shelter.

“Concerns mount that Chicago measles outbreak will get worse before it gets better” is the title of the CBS Chicago video below.

You think? America has thousands of people crossing every day, most of whom probably didn’t have access to clean water, let alone vaccines. You have a mayor who declared your city a sanctuary city for these illegal immigrants.

You have a city that has no choice but to put all these illegal immigrants in one crammed place.

You know, doing everything they told us not to do during the “pandemic” for a virus that is contagious, but nothing like measles and chickenpox.

Measles is a highly contagious virus. One person with measles can infect up to 18 other individuals.

Get this. Chicago is now evicting illegal immigrants from shelters despite the measles outbreak. Mayor Brandon Johnson insists on sticking with the 60-day limit in shelters.

Chicago…you’re driving me crazy:

While addressing questions about the deadline Wednesday, Johnson told reporters that “there will be exceptions” without specifying how many people would be forced to move. Johnson said that he wasn’t sure that the number of evicted migrants was “substantial” but said that those who are evicted could return to the city’s migrant landing zone — the site where migrants first go when they arrive from Texas.

“The ultimate goal is to move people to resettlement or out-migration,” Johnson told reporters. “What this policy has essentially done, it has given us the opportunity to have real substantive conversations with migrants to help them move on.”

Yes, let’s move them to hotels.

My head hurts from the stupid.


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Eight Measles Cases at Illegal Immigrant Shelter and Ten Confirmed in the City


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