Proposed European Climate Change Plan Flails Amid Farmer Protests

2024-03-28 08:00:28

The last time I checked on the European farmers’ protests, it had appeared the continent-wide demonstrations made an impact, as the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, nixed some of its unrealistic green plans for a global utopia. Gone, for example, are rules to force the reduction of nitrogen (essential for fertilizers) and methane (generated by cattle) and plans to persuade European citizens to eat less meat.

The demonstrations have continued, and now a major European Union climate change plan for the 27-nation bloc has been postponed…indefinitely.

The deadlock on the bill, which could undermine the EU’s global stature on the issue, came less than three months before the European Parliament election in June.

The member states were supposed to give final approval to the biodiversity bill on Monday following months of proceedings through the EU’s institutional maze. But what was supposed to be a mere rubber stamp has now turned into its possible perpetual shelving.

“How could we give that up? How could we say ‘We decided not to restore nature,’” a disappointed Irish Environment Minister Eamon Ryan said. “Not deliver on the protection of biodiversity is a shocking statement to the rest of the world,” he added, urging diplomatic pressure so that the bill could belatedly still be approved.

The goal of the proposed plan is Climate Neutrality by 2050.

The Nature Restoration plan is a part of the EU’s European Green Deal that seeks to establish the world’s most ambitious climate and biodiversity targets, and make the bloc the global point of reference on all climate issues.

The bill is part of an overall project that aims for Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, demanding short and medium-term changes and sacrifices from all parts of society to reap the benefits in a generation.

“If you want to reach climate neutrality, you also have to look in the broader perspective of protecting biodiversity, strengthening the nature in Europe,” Jetten said, stressing that such initiatives were necessary.

What would “climate neutrality” even look like? Earth’s 4.5 billion-year history has examples of significant changes to the global climate, the vast majority occurring before the first hominid walked on the planet.

Barring the detonation of a large number of nuclear bombs, humans cannot directly change climate on a global scale. At present, with something like NASA’s Planetary Defense Program, we might be able to deflect an asteroid that could create an extinction-level event. I believe that would be good for “Mother Earth.”

The original environmental agency’s mission of reducing needless pollution is a reasonably achievable goal.

“Climate neutrality” is a faith-based quest that misuses science, creates cult-like behaviors, and generates destructive policies.

Interestingly, the farmers’ protests have spread to Britain.

A convoy of tractors protested outside Britain’s parliament on Monday against post-Brexit trade deals and what they called substandard food imports in the latest demonstrations by farmers globally.

At least 50 tractors, many with Union Jack flags and signs such as “no farmers, no food, no future”, took part in the protest outside the Houses of Parliament.

The farmers are demanding that the government enforce more accurate food labelling and take steps to improve the country’s food security.

I suspect the protests are going to go on for quite some time. The climate cultists seem disinclined to listen to facts, reason, or the citizens they supposedly represent.


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Proposed European Climate Change Plan Flails Amid Farmer Protests


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