Oakland’s Largest Private Employer Tells Employees to Stay in Buildings for Lunch

2024-01-29 16:00:49

Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA, told its employees to eat their lunch in the building due to numerous robberies of workers on their lunch breaks.

Employee Arielle Crenshaw told KTVU: “It’s just kind of scary in general, not even just to go to work, just kind of coming outside. If you can work at home, work at home. If you have to come in, just be safe about it.”

Kaiser also told those not in Oakland who come to the city not to have meetings downtown or hold them online.

Kaiser told KTVU: “Those recommendations remain in place for now. Kaiser Permanente is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our employees and physicians across all of our locations. We continually monitor our environments for concerns, review our practices and strengthen them wherever possible.”

A few owners of restaurants in downtown Oakland think the directive is “overkill.”

The workers can have their food delivered to work.

The memo is also a recommendation. Employees can emerge from the building for lunch.

But why would they? Many of the employees have been robbed while going out to lunch.

Oakland is a mess.

In-N-Out, a staple in California, will close its only restaurant in Oakland on March 24.

The company cited “regular car break-ins, property damage, theft, and armed robberies of customers and employees.”


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