PragerU CEO Marissa Streit Details Plans to Disrupt Arizona Schools Curriculums

2024-01-30 11:08:25

In the battle for the minds of America’s youth, PragerU is at the tip of the spear. Their shows, books, and especially their 5-minute educational videos strike fear in the hearts of the institutional left. But why, exactly? Is there anything really so offensive, or even political, about Otto’s Tales — Today Is Flag Day! or Baseball: As Unique as America presented by George F. Will? If you ask anyone affiliated with the educational establishment, then, yeah, there is.

That’s why Breitbart News Editor in Chief Alex Marlow sat down with PragerU’s CEO Marissa Streit to discuss PragerU’s content, why some books don’t belong in schools, within reach of children, and what people can do to join the fight for America’s next generation. She finds herself at odds with the likes of union boss Randi Weingarten; she’s the subject of hit pieces by NBC News; and she’s the target of smear campaigns like the blacklisters at Newsguard.  Yet PragerU is winning, often bigly. Their latest “W” is that PragerU material is now approved for use in Arizona schools. Thanks to activated parents, a ballsy school superintendant, and high-integrity elected leaders, PragerU’s footprint just got a little bigger.

Alex and Marissa talked about all that and more, plus a big event happening at Wednesday, January 31st, 2024 at the Arizona State Capitol Lawn.

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PragerU CEO Marissa Streit Details Plans to Disrupt Arizona Schools Curriculums


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