Coddled, Pampered Elite Students Arrested, Suspended From Columbia Include UPS Exec Daughter, Democrat Interns

2024-04-20 13:00:04

Antisemitism is alive and well at Columbia University, but after seeing what happened to the presidents of Harvard and UPenn, Columbia University president Minouche Shafik sought to protect her job during a recent hearing on the Hill. It didn’t go well.

In a completely intriguing change to the coddling of all Democrat protests, Columbia had pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protesters arrested and actually suspended (some of) them. Among the scalps claimed by the very worried Shafik were a range of privileged elite brats.

Not only was Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter arrested, but so were an intern to Letitia James and the daughter of a UPS executive—who, it turns out, already got favored treatment following her killing of an elderly couple in a car crash as a teen.

The New York Post reports:

It takes privilege to protest at Columbia.

The 114 anti-Israel protesters who were busted at Columbia on Thursday include members of the upper crust: an intern for New York State Attorney General Letitia James — and the daughter of a prominent UPS executive who killed an elderly couple with her truck as a teenager and got off with a slap on the wrist.

A Post deep-dive into the backgrounds of the protesters shows many list multimillion-dollar mansions as their home addresses, according to sources, and come from wealthy and powerful families.

Minnesota congresswoman and “Squad” member Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, a Barnard student with a long history of civil disobedience, was among those cited for trespassing and taken into custody.

She was released a few hours later and declined to speak to The Post.

Also cuffed and removed from the Columbia campus was Isabel Jennifer Seward, daughter of high-ranking UPS executive William J. Seward.

. . . . Then there’s Avery Reed, a former summer intern for Letitia James who also worked part-time on “gender equality” for the Biden-Harris campaign in 2021 in Florida.

. . . . Columbia protester Isabella Guisti’s family owns a $3 million, 3,000 square-foot home in Savannah, Georgia’s posh South Historic District, complete with five bedrooms and bathrooms, according to Zillow.

Mia Roque, a sophomore political science student at Barnard, belongs to the Columbia University College Democrats — recently attended a “lobbying trip” to Washington, DC.

Protesting in support of Hamas rapists and baby beheaders has consequences, something these spoiled, pampered puppets have never experienced. Until now.

The New York Times has more (archive link):

Many of the more than 100 Columbia University and Barnard College students who were arrested after refusing to leave a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus on Thursday woke up to a chilly new reality this week: Columbia said that their IDs would soon stop working, and some of them would not be able to finish the semester.

The students who were arrested were released with summonses. The university said all of the 100 or so students involved in the protest had been informed that they were suspended.

For some of those students, that means they must vacate their student housing, with just weeks before the semester ends.

. . . . The next several weeks will be an uncertain period for those who were arrested, as well as for the university’s leaders. Many student protesters remained defiant after the arrests and vowed to continue their demonstrations.

. . . . Police officials said the students had received summonses for trespassing. The students said they expected to make initial court appearances next month. All of the students who were at the encampment have been suspended, university officials said, though it was not clear if every student at the encampment had been arrested.

. . . . Some Barnard students said that they had received unexpected email warnings giving them 15 minutes to pack their belongings. Staff members would then escort any suspended students out of their dormitories, these students said they were told.
Some students, including Ms. Hirsi [Omar’s daughter], said they were now bouncing between friends’ apartments. She said that she would fight her interim suspension. She said she had not yet returned to her room because doing so would require going with a chaperone from Barnard’s public safety team.

“I don’t really like the idea of that,” Ms. Hirsi said. “It makes me feel like more of a criminal than I think that I am.”

Meanwhile, the Times continues that Shafik is sticking to her guns (likely to keep her job as, despite the clamor from the tiny but loud pro-rapist Hamas contingent, the vast majority of Americans are—to no one’s surprise—supportive of Israel and not the savage terrorists of Hamas).

Dr. Shafik, who goes by Minouche, said in a letter on Thursday announcing her decision to summon the Police Department that the encampment had disrupted campus life and had created an atmosphere of intimidation.

Dr. Shafik said of calling in the police that she had taken “this extraordinary step because these are extraordinary circumstances.”

Unable to read the room, AOC pitched a lunatic fit about the arrests and suspensions. Because of course she did.


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Coddled, Pampered Elite Students Arrested, Suspended From Columbia Include UPS Exec Daughter, Democrat Interns


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