Homeland Security Funding Could Hold Up Another Short Term Funding Bill

2024-03-18 14:00:37

Gee, government. Why don’t you spend a comprehensive spending bill that covers the whole fiscal year?

Better yet…how about you slash spending?

One White House official told Politico that the Republicans want to deplete funding for the border. From Politico (emphasis theirs):

“Republicans want to underfund DHS, which makes the border less secure and the country less safe,” a White House official said, arguing that Republicans are trying to “sow chaos on the border ahead of November” after tanking the Senate’s bipartisan border security bill.

Yesterday, we’re told, Republicans rejected a Democratic offer to funnel $1.56 billion in additional funding to secure the border — a request that comes as border officials are bracing for a surge this spring as the weather warms. White House chief of staff JEFF ZIENTS and counselor STEVE RICCHETTI, we’re told, “made it clear” to Speaker MIKE JOHNSON that Republicans proposed funding levels will cripple border security. The standoff raises the stakes that we could see yet another continuing resolution for DHS.

The official also told Politico “the White House rejected a DHS full-year CR last night.”


“This means less agents to secure our border, less officers to protect the traveling public, less people to go after drug traffickers than today, less detention beds than today, as well as diminished capacity to respond to disasters, cybersecurity incidents and national security threats,” the official said.

“Republicans have always said we will provide all the resources necessary for enforcement, but that that could never be a blank check to simply ‘manage’ people into the country and bail out sanctuary cities like New York,” a senior GOP House source said.

Do you honestly believe the Republicans are the ones not being forceful on the border? Give me a break.

Who knows. Anything is possible in politics. Anyone would do anything to win, making the other side look bad. Republicans are just as full of hot air as Democrats. Cannot stand any of them.

To reinforce my hatred of all politicians, officials think the sides won’t ever agree because “the politics of funding Homeland Security were so difficult.” We might end up with nothing but CR bills.

Then again, what else is new? No, I’m not bitter at all.


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Homeland Security Funding Could Hold Up Another Short Term Funding Bill


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