Bono Dedicates U2 Song ‘All I Want Is You’ to First Lady Jill Biden

2024-03-04 13:55:13

U2 frontman Bono dedicated the song “All I Want Is You” to First Lady Jill Biden while wrapping up the band’s inaugural residency at Las Vegas’ $2.3 billion Sphere arena over the weekend.

Before performing the band’s 1988 hit, “All I Want Is You,” Bono said that he was dedicating the song to “one woman in particular,” which was Jill Biden.

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“This song, when we wrote it, I tried to write the lyrics from the point of view of the woman or the bride, in this case, which is pretty arrogant, I suppose. That was a trick for me to get to the lyric I was playing on myself,” Bono explained.

“So tonight I want to dedicate it to all the great women in our lives,” Bono continued. “Our partners, our mothers, our daughters, all the women on the U2 crew, all the great women in our audience that we feel we know, and all the great women in parts of the world going through very difficult circumstances that we could never know.”

“And one woman in particular who’s with us tonight,” the U2 frontman added. “She’s a teacher, she’s your First Lady. So this is for Jill Biden. It’s a wedding song.”

Jill Biden reportedly arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday ahead of a campaign event for her husband President Joe Biden, who is vying to win the swing state of Nevada in the upcoming presidential election.

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Bono Dedicates U2 Song ‘All I Want Is You’ to First Lady Jill Biden


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