Climate Cultists Conduct Secret Geoengineering Experiment in San Francisco Bay

2024-04-09 04:00:14

Last year, Biden asserted that there were no plans to block sunlight in an attempt to prevent the non-existent problem of global warming to occur.

The White House report released late Friday indicates that the Biden administration is open to studying the possibility that altering sunlight might quickly cool the planet. But it added a degree of skepticism by noting that Congress has ordered the review, and the administration said it does not signal any new policy decisions related to a process that is sometimes referred to — or derided as — geoengineering.

However, as was recently shown in a documentary about Dr. Deborah Birx and her covid cult, when the Administrative State takes over an issue…it doesn’t matter what the President says. Bureaucratic climate cultists and their scientists recently conducted a geoengineering experiment in the San Francisco area to create cloud cover in their senseless quest to slow down global warming.

Recently, US researchers from the University of Washington conducted the first outdoor test of a cloud-brightening technique that deflects sunlight in an attempt to cool the planet.  It was conducted on deck of a decommissioned aircraft carrier (USS Hornet)  in Alameda, on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay.

Clouds reflect sunlight into space. The team intentionally amplified the reflection, effectively bouncing more sunlight away from our planet.

So, how does marine cloud brightening work? To enhance their brightness or reflectivity power, they injected sea salt particles (aerosols) into low-lying clouds over the ocean.

This, in turn, reduces the amount of sunlight absorbed by the Earth, leading to a cooling effect.

This process of bouncing solar energy back into space is sometimes known as solar radiation modification or solar geoengineering.

The team used a specialized sprayer on the deck of the aircraft carrier Hornet to release microscopic sea salt particles into the air. In large-scale versions, ships will be equipped with massive spray machines to inject particles into the air.

One of the most significant issues with this experiment that I note is that it focuses on sunlight. I agree — the Sun is the most important player in Earth’s temperature. In fact, many scientists have been striving to get the message out to the public in an attempt to push-back on the claims fossil fuels are the reason for the rise in temperatures.

So, perhaps now we call agree to stop targeting a life-essential trace gas?

Furthermore, a warmer Earth is not a problem.  Humans thrived in the Medieval and Roman warm periods…as did many other species.

The next aspect of the report I would like to note is that it was essentially kept secret, because other controversial geoengineering tests were scrapped once the public found out about them.

The fact that very few people knew about it beforehand reflects how touchy geoengineering projects still are despite the growing interest in them as a potential way to slow global warming, reports Corbin Hiar for POLITICO’s E&E News.

The Coastal Atmospheric Aerosol Research and Engagement, or CAARE, project, led by researchers at the University of Washington, kept a tight lid on the project details. That was out of concern “that critics would try to stop them,” reported The New York Times, which, along with the San Francisco Chronicle, was granted exclusive access to cover the initial firing of the spray cannons.

I am betting that the residents in the San Francisco Bay area are fairly upset “experts” were allowed to conduct a secret experiment of this magnitude in the vicinity. A few green-energy firms found out the hard way what can happen when climate cultists ignore the reasonable concerns of local citizens.

In the interest of fairness and objectivity, I will concede that cloud seeding is a known technique for weather modification technique that improves a cloud’s ability to produce rain or snow by introducing tiny ice nuclei (salt particles) into certain types of subfreezing clouds.

So, the approach has been used before.  But there are a potential slew of unintended consequences that should have been robustly discussed in public before the test proceeded: Enhanced salt levels in rainwater, diversion of rainfall so that other areas become dryer, and reduction in plant-levels due to decreased sunlight…to name a few.

There is a reason people don’t want massive geoengineering projects done anywhere on this planet. Most of us would rather try them on Mars to terraform that planet.

The silencing of challenges to pandemic lockdowns, covid treatments, and vaccines has led high levels of mistrust in the pharmaceutical industry and with our public health agencies. This ill-considered, clandestine experiment may strike the same sort of blow against climate pseudoscience.


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Climate Cultists Conduct Secret Geoengineering Experiment in San Francisco Bay


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